Water for People (WFP)

Water for People (WFP)

SUBJECT: WATER FOR PEOPLE (WFP) From: PAULO@VTVM1.BITNET (Paulo Castro) Date: 5 Nov 93 05:19:57 GMT Reply-To: PAULO@VTVM1.BITNET

Water for People (WFP) was established by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the largest association of water professionals in the world. WFP is dedicated to bringing workable technology, experienced know-how and affordable water and sanitation facilities to communities in developing countries. WFP primarily assists in providing services to rural and peri-urban communities. Emphasis is placed on community participation, institution-building, technology transfer, and human resource development.

WFP project selection criteria includes:

- the project addresses a critical local need for water and related sanitation improvement;

- there is little likelihood that local institutions will be able to respond favorably to identified needs without WFP support;

- the project can utilize practical, low-cost, simple water and sanitation technology;

- a local host or sponsoring institution is identified to provide required local services and support;

- WFP can meet the volunteer technical assistance needs of the project; and

- there is an expressed commitment from the local residents to provide the required initial labor when needed and subsequent maintenance support upon completion of the project.

In summary, projects backed by WFP are best implemented by residents of the country, or by other nonprofit organizations that have an established base in that country, with financial support and technical assistance from WFP.

The WFP chapter of the Virginia (USA) Section of AWWA is requesting information on potential projects meeting the above selection criteria. Projects will be evaluated and some eventually selected for possible support from the Virginia chapter of WFP.

Please send information, or any questions regarding this posting, to:

Paulo Castro

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