TerraMedia Fact Sheet

TerraMedia Fact Sheet

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------------------------------------------------------------- TerraMedia Collaborative


November 1, 1993


TerraMedia is an international collaborative of institutions dedicated to using advanced information and communication technologies for producing training and education systems in the fields of energy, the environment, and community development.


TerraMedia members are representatives from non-governmental organizations, universities, government agencies and laboratories, corporations, utilities and trade associations. As of August 1993, representatives of about sixty institutions had signed the TerraMedia Memorandum of Understanding pledging support to the Collaborative.


The Collaborative will use the diverse resources of its members for researching and producing advanced training and education systems. Currently, such systems consist of microcomputer-based interactive multimedia workstations with modules distributed on CD-ROM. The first three modules, scheduled to be released in Fall 1994, are proposed to be Green Buildings, Renewable Energy, and Sustainable Community Development. The modules will be available to the general public and distributed to publicly-accessible facilities such as libraries and utility education centers.


The Secretariat of the TerraMedia Collaborative is the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST), a training and education facility operated by the Solar Energy Research and Education Foundation (SEREF), a tax-exempt non-profit organization in Washington, DC. CREST will be housed in a historical building near Union Station and the U.S. Capitol, beginning in early 1994. This building will serve as a hands-on demonstration and training center for TerraMedia and renewable energy technologies.


TerraMedia was founded in 1992 by the International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC) in Washington, DC after receiving a grant from Apple Computer, Inc. One prototype demand-side managerment training module was developed in 1992, and a fully-functional public information kiosk was produced in Spring 1993 funded by SEREF. In Summer 1993, TerraMedia was transfered from IIEC to CREST to take advantage of the dedicated building and the resources of SEREF.


For additional information please contact Michael Totten, TerraMedia Director, at:

TerraMedia Collaborative CREST 777 North Capitol St., N.E., Suite 805 Washington, DC 20002 USA

E-Mail: Phone: +1-202-336-8945 Fax: +1-202-408-8536


Representatives of the following 57 institutions from 11 countries have signed the TerraMedia Collaborative Memorandum of Understanding as of August, 1993:



Massachusetts Institute of Technology North Carolina State University Princeton University Stanford University University of Maryland University of Minnesota

Government Agencies and Laboratories


City of Portland Bicycle Program Comision Nacional de Energia (Chile) Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Center for Building Science U.S. Deptartment of Energy Ames Laboratory United States EPA Pollution Prevention Division



3M Solar Optical Products Andersen Corporation The Appleby Group Computer Curriculum Corporation Conservation Through Innovation Ltd. Econergy Corporation ENSAR Group, Inc. Green Technologies, Inc. Horizon Pictures, Inc. IRT Environment Komanoff Energy Associates Mitor Industries, Inc. OSRAM-Sylvania, Inc. Proven Alternatives Rising Sun Enterprises Sunpower, Inc. SuperSymmetry Services PTE Ltd. (Singapore)

Non-Profit Organizations


African Energy Research and Policy Educ. Network AIA/ACSA Research Council American Forests American Ocean Energy Industries Association American Public Power Association American Wind Energy Assocation Center for Energy Efficiency (Moscow) Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology EnergoCentrum (Slovakia) Energy Conservation Society of Ontario Energy Rated Homes of America Energy Resource Center Environmental Defense Fund Environmental Foundation Limited (Sri=CALanka) International Fund for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency International Institute for Energy Conservation National Wood Energy Association Natural Resources Defense Council NaturInform (Romania) Northeast Sustainable Energy Association Passive Solar Industries Council Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency Rocky Mountain Institute Solar Electric Light Fund Solar Energy, Efficiency, and Environment Center (India) Solar Energy Industries Association Solar Energy Research and Education Foundation Solar Rating and Certification Council United States Export Council for Renewable Energy

- Note -

Inclusion on this list indicates that a representative of the institution has signed the Memorandum of Understanding, and does not necessarily imply institutional endorsement of TerraMedia.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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