Summer and Research Institutes

Summer and Research Institutes

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- DREW UNIVERSITY. Will sponsor a summer study program which explores the artistic and cultural heritage of Mali and Cote d'Ivoire. Offers participants the opportunity to work directly with potters, weavers, and metalsmiths in their village workshops. In addition, the Cote d'Ivoire program offers courses in West African art history, archaeology, and photography. The Mali trip runs July 4-July 24, 1993; the Cote d'Ivoire trip runs July 22-August 21, 1993. Application deadline: April 1, 1993. Contact: Office of Off-Campus Programs, Drew University Madison, NJ 07940 (201) 408-3438 Or Phil Peek, Department of Anthropology Drew University Madison, NJ 07940 (201) 408-3383.

- THE LITERACY RESEARCH CENTER- University of Pennsylvania. The Literacy Research Center will be holding its second annual international summer literacy workshop in June-July, here at Penn. The workshop is aimed at mid-level professionals, with an emphasis on Africa, since it is part of our Africa literacy network program. For further information, Contact: Laurie Puchner

- THE MARYKNOLL INSTITUTE OF AFRICAN STUDIES (MIAS). Offered June 23-August 24, 1993 in Nairobi, Kenya to teach students about contemporary cultures and religions of East Africa, for an African perspective on these realities. The program is designed for pastoral and development personnel, African ministerial students, missionary students and students and professors from the U.S. or Europe. The Institute's program combines post-graduate academic study of African cultures and religion with field research and pastoral theological reflection. Contact: Michael Kirwen, Director MIAS P.O. Box 24592 Nairobi, Kenya (254-2) 891-265.

- OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY- Center for African Studies. Will sponsor a six-week summer institute for college and university faculty, on the topic "Literature and Modern Experience in Africa." The program will be held on the Columbus campus from July 12-August 21,1993. The Institute will focus on the dilemma of modernity in Africa as reflected in texts representing the thematic progression of African literature in the European languages. A session on the teaching of African literature and two roundtables on "Literature and Apartheid" and "African Women's Literature" will also be held. For applications and information, Contact: Ms. Najat Elhag, Center for African Studies The Ohio State University 314 Oxley Hall 1712 Neil Avenue Columbus, OH 43210 (614) 292-8169.

- THE PRIVATE SECTOR RESEARCH INSTITUTE (PRISERI). An independent, non-profit and bilingual (English and French) research organization to carry out research in Cameroon and other African countries, aimed at improving the performance of the private sector through legislative and institutional reform. For more information, Contact: Prof. C.N. Ngwasiri P.O. Box 8302 Yaounde, Cameroon Tel. (237) 31 80 76 Fax (237) 31 50 58.

- THE SUMMER INSTITUTE FOR AFRICAN AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH (SIAAR). An intensive 3-week program to be held at the University of Wisconsin- Madison from June 24-July 2, 1993, to enhance the interdisciplinary research training of a select group of African Ph.D. students who are studying in the U.S and plan to conduct field research in Africa. Students in the social, biological and physical sciences working on African food and agricultural issues may apply. Small grants for alumni of the Institute are also available to encourage the development of their research careers. All expenses paid by the Rockefeller Foundation. Candidates should be in the 2nd year of a doctoral program. Deadline: February 1, 1993. Contact: Ms. Sharon Baumgartner, Training Coordinator International Agricultural Programs, 240 Agriculture Hall University of Wisconsin Madison, WI 53706 (608) 262-3673; Fax 608-262-8852.

- UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY. "The New Institutional Economics and the Restructuring of Veterinary and Human Medicine Systems in Africa" is the focus of a month-long workshop in July 1993, for 12 junior scholars from sub-Saharan African countries. This professional seminar, sponsored by the Dutch government, will take place at U.C. Berkeley, and provide intensive training in the New Institutional Economics, other theories of organizational choice, and their application to veterinary and human health care systems in Africa. The participants will then be assisted in the preparation of their own field research proposals for submission to the Dutch government. It is anticipated that at least half of these research proposals will subsequently be financed by the government of the Netherlands. The seminar will be taught by David K. Leonard, Professor of Public Administration at U.C.B. Deadline for preliminary inquiries is March 15, 1993. Deadline for applications is April 15, 1993. Contact: Professor David K. Leonard, African Studies Center 356 Stephens Hall University of California Berkeley, CA 94720 Fax: 510-642-9516 E-Mail

- THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN. The African Studies Program will offer a summer institute, "Learning Opportunities for English, Language Arts and Social Studies Teachers and Administrators" for K-12 schools in Upper Midwest States. The intensive four-week session will take place from July 16-August 21, 1993. Material for instruction to complement selected African literary works will be developed. The participants will learn the technology of using the Electronic Bulletin board. The materials will eventually be made accessible via electronic board to teachers across the nation. Contact: Michael Afolayan, Coordinator, African Studies Outreach Program, 1334 Van Hise Hall (608) 263-2171.

- WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION FOR MULTIDISCIPLINARY STUDIES AND RESEARCH ON AFRICA (WAMSRA). A non-governmental association of African women specialists in diverse disciplines. Anglophone and Francophone women formed WAMSA to conduct research and consulting activities concerned mainly with women's studies, education, environment, population and development. The organization seeks to establish a center to exchange research findings with other women's organizations within and outside Africa. Contact: WAMSRA 5 Rue K1Cber, IDEP-DAKAR, Senegal.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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