Sankofa Bird Project

Sankofa Bird Project

From: (Henriette Maria Burbank) Newsgroups: soc.culture.african Subject: THE SANKOFA BIRD PROJECT NEEDS YOU Date: 14 Feb 1994 15:50:25 -0800 Organization: Photon Research Associates Message-ID: <2jp2o1$>

Last year, the SANKOFA Bird Project enriched the lives of more than four hundred African American children, women, and men in the San Diego community as well as a cross section of appreciative citizens from the population at large. Through a series of community-based symposia, the focus was on issues of culture, the family, philosophy, history, religion and music.

SANKOFA's MISSION is simple:

Inspired by the universal wisdom of the SANKOFA Bird (Akan philosphy), which looks back and returns to the source, we deem it no crime, but our MISSION to look back and correct what has not been done, or what has been done wrong. Our MISSION is also one of retrieving our lost treasures of all kinds, one of cultural regeneration and renewal of where we once flourished. In our onward, upward flight, we seek to involve all men, women and children, families, and communties in the reconstruction of our lives, to achieve enrichment of our peoples and the dynamic stability and empowerment of the Africans of San Diego and the world.

This is a miracle project that sponsors, reading groups, Brother-to- Brother,and Sister-to-Sister, dance and drum workshops. This project does not want to make excuses, or put a band-aid, this project was born to promote healing. SANKOFA received a grant of $12,500 from the California Council for the Humanities, a state program of the National Endowment of the Humanities. The total cost to support our programs activities is $49,070.00.

SANKOFA II's grant requires that we raise matching funds. For this organization composed of an all volunteer committee, and a dedicated over-burdened director, we have to reach out to you. We lack as constituents, wealthy individuals, or corporations, we do not however lack the love and determination to keep the project alive, but unfortunately that is not enough.

As such, I am requesting your help, whatever the amount, through a personal, tax-deductible donation to help keep the bird in flight and continue the healing process. The tax ID number of Community Preparatory School, our fiscal sponsor, is 95-3651222. Please send your contribution to: The Fundraising Committee The Sankofa Bird Project Post Office Box 22496 San Diego, CA 92192

Believe in the "power of one" and someday there will be ONE LOVE

SANKOFA WONKIYI ! My ideas are defintely my own. Thank you -- Henriette / graphic design artist for the SBP (labor donated) PEACE (\/)

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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