Photovoltaic Design Assistance Center

Photovoltaic Design Assistance Center

From: (Gary Garriott) Date: 02 Feb 94 18:05:00 -0500 Newsgroups: bit.listserv.devel-l Message-ID: Organization: Baobab FTSC <-> UUCP Gateway, Washington DC Subject: PV Design Assistance

The Photovoltaic Design Assistance Center at Sandia National Laboratories in the United States (Albuquerque, New Mexico) is available to answer technical requests on problems as well as industry information on the following topics in renewable energy:

--photovoltaic power systems --photovoltaic augmented systems (where the energy source is primarily something else, such as diesel fuel) --small wind power --solar thermal

All interested persons need to do to avail themselves of this resource is to formulate an email message to the PVDAC manager, Jeff Zirzow.

Send your message to the following address:

The message should state clearly the kind of problem you are having and/or the type of information you wish to receive.

(The message will be sent via low earth orbit satellite to the Sandia satellite station. There is presently no other Internet email service available to the PVDAC.)

They look forward to being of service, especially to interested parties in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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