Nigerian Freedom Foundation

Nigerian Freedom Foundation

"People change not because they see the light but because they feel the heat"

O beautiful people, this is really very simple. We are looking for a thousand good people. For thirty three long years, successive bands of thugs, hoodlums, illiterates and kleptomaniacs have held our vibrant nation hostage. We are at a critical crossroads and our people are staring down at the last of the dictators. The people will do it without us, don't worry about that. They have tasted blood and there is no stopping them. Of this I am sure; they will eliminate this blight on our crops.

Now where do we come in? They chased us out of our country to come live in strange lands of strange people and strange food. But who was that netter who a long time ago said that God took us away to ensure the survival of our generation? We are their exiles from hell. And we can prove it, with our brains, brawn and money.

The Nigerian Freedom Foundation was set up by a group of like-minded Nigerians a few months ago with the very simple aim of collecting money, any amount from Nigerians and friends of Nigerians all over the world to be used to help with the just struggle for the liberation of our people from the shackles of tyranny. Nigeria is a beautiful nation of beautiful gifted people and daily her talents are being throttled by a few. We have got to do something. Believe me we are all saying the same thing, what we are not doing is walking the talk. Help us, nothing is too small.

As we speak, people are paying the ultimate sacrifice for our country. This just chokes me up. For these were great people who would have been at home anywhere in the world. They chose to stay back in Nigeria and stare down the barrels of our bullies' guns. And they are paying for their bravery with their lives. We must never forget these people. And we must never forget that no matter our generousity, our contributions pale in comparison to those of our fallen comrades. For them we must do the right thing. For Okigbo, Solarin, Giwa and all those unknown patriots who have died hurling rocks at the enemies of our country Nigeria.

Let me make a desperate plea to each and every one of you. These are desperate times for our nation. These are very sad times for our nation. But these are also exciting times for Nigeria. We are knocking on the door of freedom and collective survival. *Nothing* is too little. But do something. As an individual and/or as a group, do something. If it is hard for you to get past the political aspect of it, look at it from the humanitarian viewpoint. People are hurting back home and they need your help. Resolute wills can be broken by the sad reality of hunger and the sight of bills unpaid. Our struggling workers back home need your help. And they need it now. I do not care to whom you send your contributions as long as you send it for onward transmission home. It is one country, one people and one enemy - the vultures hovering over a country that is dying only in their wretched dreams.

For me, individual freedom is more than a passion, it is an obsession. And Wole Soyinka is right, we are staring at the last of the puny despots. I enthusiastically endorsed the Nigerian Freedom Foundation [NFF] because of its simplicity, and its overriding goal of making a statement by standing up to be counted with the poor suffering people of our country. I ask you no matter your political and ethnic orientation to endorse this simple affirmation of dignity and freedom for our people by sending your contribution, no matter how small to the Nigerian Freedom Foundation. Write to Sola Adeyeye today, nothing is too small.

Dr. Olusola Adeyeye
Biology Department
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh PA 15282

If you have any questions, send e-mail to the following individuals:

Olusola Adeyeye
Ikhide R.Ikheloa

Nothing is too small, every penny collected quickly adds up. More importantly, you are voting with your brains, your resources and everything you can muster to heckle those goats our of our yam barn. Nothing is too small. You will all remember Rosa Parks, a little lady who sparked the civil rights struggle by the simple act of not vacating her seat and dignity to wealthy despots. She was not wealthy. Nelson Mandela was not wealthy, Mahatma Ghandi was not wealthy. Mother Theresa was not wealthy, but they all decided to make a small difference. And what a difference. We are not in the same league with the giants I just mentioned, but we will not be, by sitting around, bemoaning our fate and doing nothing. You are all trying hard. But we must do more. We must do more... Send your checks today.

- The towncrier

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