International Pen Pal Directory

International Pen Pal Directory

Subject: International Directory (Update) Reply-To: aa542@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Nash Seifeddine) Organization: The National Capital FreeNet Date: Sun, 23 Jan 1994 18:34:13 GMT

Hello Friends

I am glad to inform you here that on the database of the International Penpal Directory we have more than 1000 members, and we can hardly keep up with the incoming applications.

The deadline for free membership is approaching fast, so we encourage you to register early, since there is a possibility that we have to move the deadline of Feb 28 a bit backward.

If you are new and reading this, the International Penpal Directory is a directory that will be available in print in mid 1994. The Directory will cater to those who have genuine interest in communicating with people from the same or different cultures. Any abuse of the basic common sense communication rules will result in a lifetime removal from the directory.

There are few classes for the registry:

Snail Mail : for people wishing to do it the classical way, by mail E-mail: for people wishing to do it exclusively via e-mail Teens: for young people 16 -18 years Date: for people who are single and interested in communicating with other people in similar situation. This is in no way a match making scheme. It will simply allow people to "compare note".

The information needed are the following:

Name: Address: ( a post office box is strongly recommended) E-mail address: country: sex: age: ocuupation\major: preference: countries, sex, age group: interests: phone number : (will not be published, needed for office use,and free registry) Language of preference: General notes: any other significant related information (please be brief)

The information we have will not be used for any comercial purposes, so don't worry about getting on a mailing list or anything of that nature.

All members will be contacted with the details on where to find a copy of the directory.

Thank you for your interest in the International Penpal Directory.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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