Fund for Renewable Energy -Decentralised (FREND)

Fund for Renewable Energy -Decentralised (FREND)

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Frustrated at the lack of progress of the post-Rio meeting negotiating progress and realising that the time available for minimising the predicted risks of climate change and population growth is rather short, a group of concerned people from medical, scientific, engineering and social professions have decided to take action themselves and not wait passively for the politicians to produce results. They have decided to promote the goals of sustainable development by establishing FREND: "Fund for Renewable Energy - Decentralised" which will promote clean energy and utility services, mostly in the rural sector in the South.

Objectives of FREND:

One of the major goals of the programme is to help put the villages where FREND projects are established on the path of sustainability and in the process generate pressures on politicians and industry to act faster. An important step to reach this goal is to actively co-promote and co-finance decentralised renewable energy and utility services in the rural, and where suitable also in urban, areas of the South. This will involve suitable financial packaging of the projects with lowcost capital in order to make them viable and self-reliant. Another important step is to help in the build-up of local competence and facilities for equipment and services.

The other major goal of FREND is to actively promote the introduction into industrialised countries of renewable energy technologies which will be established in developing countries under this programme, covering plants, equipment and services.

If you'd like to get more information about FREND, please contact

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