Community Education Computer Society (CECS)

Community Education Computer Society (CECS)

Newsgroups: bit.listserv.devel-l Message-ID: Date: Wed, 23 Mar 1994 12:35:26 LCL Sender: Technology Transfer in International Development From: (Peter A. van Heusden) Subject: Introducing CECS


Since I finally have our email feed stabilized, let me introduce our organization. CECS is the Community Education Computer Society, a South African NGO dedicated to a non-sexist, non-racist, democratic society. To achieve this aim, we are involved in training other NGOs and CBOs, as well as individual members of the disadvantaged community. We have 5 regions spread over South Africa, covering all the major centres. We also support a small number of independant projects aimed towards technological empowerment in disadvantaged communities (eg. an email project in a local school).

Hopefully through DEVEL-L, we will be able to interact with NGOs with similar experience or goals worldwide. I would welcome any contacts in the field.

Cheers, Peter


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