CAN Computer Centre, Pretoria

CAN Computer Centre, Pretoria

From: "Arthur R. McGee" I also obtained permission from Yorke to forward this to those that might be able to help. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 13:26:35 +0300 From: Subject: CAN in Mamelodi, Pretoria (fwd)

Yorke Rodda from South Africa asked me to forward the message below to the WG 9.4 distribution list. People who know about packet radio links, or who are interested in the educational efforts of CAN in Mamelodi, or who have some good advice - please get in touch directly with Yorke at the address below.

Mikko Korpela

====================================================================== ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: 5 Jun 94 11:24:15 From: Yorke Rodda To: Subject: CAN in Mamelodi, Pretoria

Dear Mikko

I am keen to subsribe to your list - Mike Lawrie told me about it. I think it is called the IPIP WG9.4. I use a UUCP link via the telephone line so if there are large docuements - that come often - I would need to wait untill I got a better (cheaper) type of link.

The main need that I would like to ask you to consider helping with is to get us into contact with people who use Packet radio to connect to the Internet. Pretoria University is about 70 km from Holy Trinity School in the Winterveld. The school has no telephone and so a link to the Internet would be a tremendous blessing.

Much of my work has been based at CAN, a development agency based in the DRC (Dutch Reformed Church) in Mamelodi, Pretoria. The following is the Mission or Vision of the Computre Section of CAN. Some of your readers may be interested in this.

CAN Computer Centre Vision and Mission 9 May 1994

What we are basically doing We are aiming to meet the aspirations of young men and women who are keen to enter the technology age. About half the 14 full-time Computer Literacy students come from rural areas and they are boarders. We also cater for Computer Studies for pupils in Std 8, 9 and 10 from local schools. CAN is the only place in Mamelodi to offer this school subject.

Working with other organisations At present we are working closely with SOS Village, Eersterust Secondary School and soon we hope to be able to help Mamelodi High School establish a computer facility as well.

Focus on rural schools and sending graduates out CAN has many projects in the rural areas with the result that we have had requests from rural schools and institutions with regard to their need for computer training and advice on hardware and software. Recently, Holy Trinity School in the Winterveld asked to help establish a computer centre and train the staff. This we are now doing.

Good but old PCs from Business to schools We are trying to start an initiative of getting very old PCs - like XTs and ATs - donated directly to schools by companies. This can be a messy business - and so we will try to bring people with needs and people with unneeded equipment together, without being too involved ourselves. The older software required for the older equipment is also a need that we should address. There has been a significant start to the training of teachers by Statech at St Alban's College and we want to build on this.

Standing on our own two feet As a general principal all the projects that CAN initiates should be able to stand on their own feet after two or three seasons. The education (human development) projects of CAN find this very difficult and we do need help to sustain the work we are doing. (At the end of 1992 the lack of finances brought the Computer Literacy Course to a temporary end. Lotus Education Trust saved us! Since then our shortfall has been carried by CAN.) We will be asking local (i.e. South African) companies to help us sustain the courses.

All students pay fees - for the full-time course (5 months) this is R 1 150.00 and the Computer Studies students pay R 80.00 p.a. This covers the very basic running costs (e.g. 1.5 meals per day for full-time students). Many cannot even afford this basic fee.

More room for more computers The present computer room has room for 10 PC's and we need to double this - and we also need some office and storeroom space. Plans have been drawn up and in time we will be looking for ways to finance this.

PretNet (Pretoria Educators Network) CAN is playing a leading role in training and helping schools link to each other and the rest of the world via Electronic Mail. Pretoria University is giving PretNet the gateway to the rest of the Internet world. Chris Marabe of CAN is on the PretNet committee.


This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalms 118:24 NIV)

Yorke Rodda Pretoria in South Africa (za) P.O. Box 905-163 Telephone: +27 12 348 7696 Garsfontein 0042 E-Mail:

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