BDPA Information Sheet

BDPA Information Sheet

National Black Data Processing Associates                Information Sheet

National Black Data Processing Associates      BDPA Silicon Valley Chapter
1250 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 610                  370 Altair Way #124
Washington DC  20036-2603                        Sunnyvale, CA  94086-6161
1-800-727-BDPA                                [voicemail]   1-408-746-4843
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ax]   1-408-280-7624                            

In May of 1975, Earl A. Pace Jr. and David Wimberly founded, on a local basis, the non-profit organization Black Data Processing Associates. In 1979, BDPA was restructured as a national organization with chapters in Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Cleveland, Ohio. Today, the BDPA national organization is represented nationally by over 50 local chapters and 1600 members!

The mission of BDPA is to sustain a network of information technology professionals that is a positive influence in the information processing industry; a network which shares information, provides education and performs community service.

On a local and national level, the primary objective of BDPA is to accumulate a pool of information processing knowledge and business expertise with the intention of utilizing those resources to:

* Support the interest of those individuals examining the field of information processing as a career or business opportunity.

* Provide a forum for the development of interests and skills of the minority community as a whole.

* Participate actively in the events supporting the aims of the information processing industry.

On a local level, BDPA uses vehicles such as panel discussions, guest speakers, general meetings, and workshops to fulfill its objectives.

On a national level, BDPA sponsors a National Conference which includes: High School Computer Competition, technical and professional development programs and information processing industry exhibits.

Since 1975, Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) has been educating and training minority professionals working within the information technology industry. BDPA has successfully reached out to many, and has provided opportunities through networking, educational programs, monthly seminars, monthly workshops and annual conferences.

Educational and technical opportunities still reach the African American community at a slow pace. BDPA has a larger task and broader range of people (especially youth) to reach. Recognizing the need for accelerated action, the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BD PA Foundation) was established.

The BDPA Foundation is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization whose sole purpose is to fund the education and technology projects of the National Black Data Processing Associates local chapters. The BDPA Foundation is a catalyst for lasting social change. The Foundation invests in a broad range of innovative solutions for the myriad of problems and opportunities that are faced. The challenges faced by the BDPA membership and the African American community remain ma ny and great. The Foundation realizes the need for investment of a greater portion of time and efforts in youth due to the lack of exposure to information technology.

The BDPA Foundation has been successful in the creation of specialized programs which advance the skills needed by youth to compete in today's wave of new technology. However, financial support is needed of BDPA members, friends, supporters, corporations and the community to continue these programs:

* Adopt-a-school, a partners hip with local schools created to provide tutorial and mentorship programs for students interested in information technology.

* Computer Literacy, which introduces computer science to students who have little or no computer literacy skills, while also developing their interpersonal skills.

* Computer Training Centers, which provides training, mentorship and career development programs to the community base promoting the need for computer literacy.

* Computer Work shops, which offers members, youth and the community training in computer applications for career development.

* High School Computer Competition, an intense student training program which promotes academic competition in computer science, stimulates greater interest in information technology and introduces the "team concept" used in government and corporate industries.

* Mentorship Programs, which teams students with information technology professionals to provide career guidance.

* Youth Mini-Conferences, which offer conferences and seminars geared towards preparing local high school students for institutions of higher education, general employment and entrepreneurial endeavors.

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation is a 501(c)3 educational organization, and gifts or contributions are tax deductible.

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