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                         FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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                            Prepared by:   Willie J. Mackey

(1) Purpose of Organization:

The mission of BDPA is to sustain a network of information technology professionals that is a positive influence in the information processing industry; a network which shares information, provides education and performs community service.

Each chapter is required to provide the following products and services: regularly distributed chapter newsletter; monthly membership/program meetings; computer bulletin board access with connection to BDPANet, the nationwide network of BDPA bbs nodes; development of a high school computer competition team for the annual national conference. Annual operating budgets, quarterly & annual chapter reports, and 2-year & 5-year business plans are also prepared by each chapter.

Examples of BDPA products, services and reports are available upon request.

(2) Tax Status of Organization:

The BDPA Education and Technology Foundation is a 501(c)3 educational organization. Most BDPA local chapters carry 501(c)6 status.

(3) Length of time organization has been in existence:

BDPA was founded in 1975, in Philadelphia. The newest chapter in Omaha, Nebraska was chartered August 1994. There are approximately 52 chapters nationwide.

(4) Membership Profile:

Membership includes students, educators, vendor representatives, entrepreneurs and information technology professionals. There are currently 52 chapters and 1600 members nationwide. BDPA membership represents all aspects and crosses all platforms in the IT industry. The companies with the largest representation include Digital Equipment Corporation and Electronic Data Systems. Membership in BDPA is open to all directly or indirectly involved in the information technology industry. Monthly membership/program meetings are free and open to the public. National and regional conferences are open to member and non-member registrants.

A listing of chapter locations is available.

(5) Publications:

BDPA produces two national publications as a benefit of membership: The Journal, which covers industry/technical issues, and The Insider, which includes general BDPA information. Also, each chapter produces a local newsletter as part of its required products and services. National publications are distributed to all members and national corporate sponsors. Local chapter newsletters are usually distributed to local members and sponsors. Members are encouraged to submit articles to local and national publications.

Examples of local and national publications are available upon request.

(6) Conference Information:

BDPA produces both regional and national conferences. Fifty-two chapters are divided into 5 regions: West, South Central, North Central, Southeast and Northeast. The annual National Conference includes technical & professional development workshops, a career fair and technology expo (vendor trade show), high school computer competition and youth mini-conference. Regional conferences focus on chapter building, personal development, and often include regional high school computer workshops and competitions.

Examples of national and local conference brochures are available.

(7) Job Fairs / Career Focus:

The annual National Conference, and sometimes regional conferences include a Career Fair. Employers are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to reach 600-800 national conference participants. Local chapters often produce smaller events or participate in Westech/JobsAmerica type career expos.

(8) Computerized Resume Banks:

BDPA has a network of computer bulletin boards, and posts employment opportunities which receive nationwide attention. A job resume database is under development which will contain member resumes. Employers will subscribe to gain access to the data bank.

Job Resume Database information is featured in the BDPA national publication, The Journal.

(9) Corporate Membership/Sponsorship/Advisory Boards:

Local and national corporate sponsorship plans are available. Benefits include membership, advertising and national conference exhibitor space, depending on the sponsorship plan.

Corporate Advisory Councils represent opportunities for business, education and technology interests to work with BDPA in developing strategies to support the BDPA mission of being a positive influence on the information technology industry; of sharing information, providing education and performing community service.

Information on corporate sponsorship plans and advisory councils is available upon request.

(10) Advertising Rates:

Advertising insertions are available for local & national publications, and national & regional conference guidebooks. Rates vary per publication, with discounts available for multiple insertions. Members, corporate sponsors and other non-profit organizations also receive discounted rates. Some corporate sponsorship plans include ad insertions in certain publications.

Please call (800) 727-BDPA for information on advertising in national publications.

If there are any other questions, please contact:

Willie J. Mackey, BDPA Silicon Valley Chapter at (408) 280-7624.
The BDPA National Headquarters can be reached at (800) 727-BDPA.

Internet e-mail for BDPA
can also be addressed to:

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Date: Mon, 03 Oct 1994 22:56:58 EST
From: "Frank M. Bright" 
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