African Studies Associations (New)

African Studies Associations (New)

AFRICAN STUDIES ASSOCIATIONS ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

- THE AFRICAN LANGUAGE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION (ALTA). An organization of people who are interested in the development an advancement of the teaching of African languages. ALTA organizes workshops and conferences and publishes a newsletter Lugha. ALTA dues are $10.00. Make checks payable to Boston University African Studies Center and mail to, Contact: Karl Reynolds, African Studies Center, Boston University, 270 Bay State Road, Boston, MA. 02215.

- AFRICAN STUDIES ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA. Has recently been formed in Nigeria's University of Ibadan. It draws its membership from all the Institutes of African Studies, Centers of African Cultural Studies, as well as Africanists of related disciplines in Nigeria. The association can be reached by writing to, Contact: The African Studies Association of Nigeria c/o Institute of African Studies University of Ibadan Ibadan, Nigeria.

- AFRICAN STUDIES ASSOCIATION OF YOUNG SCHOLARS (ASAYS). African Studies Association of Young Scholars (ASAYS) was recently formed to promote scholarship and professionalism within the community of young Africanist scholars, to provide an opportunity and a forum for the exchange of thoughts and ideas related to Africa, and to provide a bridge between the community of students and the academic and professional realms. A meeting of ASAYS is planned at the annual ASA conference in Boston on December 4-7. Young scholars or students interested in reviewing the working constitution and being part of the data base, Contact: Laura Hendricks or Karl Fickenscher The James S. Coleman African Studies Center, U.C.L.A., 405 Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024 Fax; 310/206-2250.

- THE FEDERATION OF NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY STUDENTS. Has recently been formed in Nigeria with the aim of fostering academic discourse among students. The association seeks to exchange ideas a publications as well as initiate a visitors exchange program with other academic institutions. Contact: The General Secretary, Federation of National Association of Sociology and Anthropology Students P.O. Box 313 Suru-Lere, Lagos, Nigeria.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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