Africa 21 Organization

Africa 21 Organization


The mission of the new organization AFRICA 21 is to mobilize Africans and others for focused attention and active participation in the social, economic and political development of the African continent. The uniqueness of AFRICA 21 derives from its activist orientation; its resolve to see Africans take the initiative in finding solutions to problems on the continent rather than relying entirely on the goodwill of others; its goal to monitor developments in every African country; its membership, although not totally from the North American continent, will be offered to other world areas; and its comprehensive program of activities which will include critical discussions of issues and suggestions of solutions, the involvement of its members in matters affecting the continent, and community outreach designed to educate local communities in North Ameica on issues about Africa.

A steering committee has prepared the groundwork for this new organization. The committee has now drawn up a draft constitution which was reviewed and adopted at the inaugural convention at which the organization was formally launched.

Membership is open to any individual or organization interested in, or supportive of, the goals of the organization. For more information about AFRICA 21, contact,

AFRICA 21, P.O. Box 6892, East Lansing, MI 48826. Telephone: (313) 332-4184, or (517) 332-4652 (after 8pm ET).

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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