Africa Leadership Forum

Africa Leadership Forum

The Africa Leadership Forum is a non profit organization that aims to correct the imbalance in quality of leadership that exists in Africa. It does this by drawing on the vast resources of well meaning Africans and prominent leaders from around the world in evaluating the problems, possible solutions and means of pushing through these solutions that will help pave the way for visionery, dedicated and honest leadership in African countries.

Members include General Obasabjo (Rtd), Kenneth kaunda, Helmut Kohl and a collection of prominent learned people and business people. It is essentially an activist organization that gives you the opportunity to make a contribution in ideas as to how we Africans can go about taking our destiny into our own hands so as to prosper and grow collectively.

Anyone interested in becoming a member is very much welcome. No membership fees are required, the forum pays your expenses when you get invited to several seminars held all over the continent and your ideas will be heard if you are truelly concerned about finding the solutions to the numerous problems that hold our beloved land hostage.

You can contact me by e-mail at for further details.

Chizzy Nnamchi

From: (Chizoba Nnamchi)
Newsgroups: soc.culture.nigeria
Subject: Africa Leadership Forum
Date: 21 Aug 1994 05:12:21 GMT
Organization: Technet, Singapore
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