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SSA 19th Annual Conference

Sudan Studies Association

The 19th Annual Conference

African Studies Center, Vassar College
Pougkeepsie, NY

6-8 April, 2000

Theme: "Africa's Sudanic Core at the Millennium"

The Sudan Studies Association of North America is pleased to announce that its year 2000 conference will be held at Vassar College, New York, USA, on April 6-8, 2000. This year's theme is: "The Africa's Sudanic Core at the Millennium". Abstracts of 200-250 words of proposals for papers or panels should be sent by February 15, 2000, to

'Abdullahi 'Ali Ibrahim
History Department,
University of Missouri-Columbia,
101 Read Hall,
Columbia, MO, 65211, USA

Tel 573-882-9492, Fax 573-884-5151

A Friendly Word on the "African Core" Stipulation

The program committee encourages specialists in public health to propose panels with reference to situations in Africa. Organizers of other panels are advised to bring the African core either in the original papers or by coopting discussants. Areas like sport, and soccer in particular, cry out for attention for the African core in Sudan ways and days to be complete. Also song scholarship needs to be launched in this conference. The African perspective is especially called for in proposals and panels addressing issues of conflict and peace in Africa. In our discussion of the content of the conference, we have been recalling the conference organized in 1968 by the Sudan Research Unit under the leadership of Yusuf Fadl Hasan entitled "Sudan in Africa." The proceedings were published in a seminal work in the scholarship on the place in Sudan in the continent. Young scholars are urged to explore this archive of scholarship to contextualize our contemporary quest to understand the predicament of Sudan in African lights. This emphasis on the African core is not intended to discourage scholars of straight Sudanese issues from sending proposals. Conferences are too rich and relaxed to allow such a cutoff. In putting these individual papers together in panels, we will endeavor to bring out the African component. We hope to do this by a variety of ways including the appointment of discussants and shrewd chairs.

Special Guests of our conference

We secured the acceptance of Tayib Salih and Jim Faris to give talks at our traditional lunch and dinner meetings.


Marriot Courtyard, 408 South Road-Route 9, Pougkeepsie (pronounced: pokipsi), NY 12601. Conference Rates (04/06/2000 - through 04/09/2000) are: $69.00 single; $79.00 double, subject to taxes upon check in. THE CUTOFF DATE FOR MAKING RESERVATIONS IS MARCH 9, 2000. CANDY IS OUR CONTACT PERSON AT MARRIOTT. PLEASE CALL (800) 321-2211 or (914)485-6336.


There will be a bus operating from the Hotel to and from campus daily, during the CONFERENCE. The bus will leave early enough for participants to have coffee or continental breakfast on campus, at New England, prior to the first session (we are anticipating opening the sessions at 8:30 a.m.). Of course early risers can have continental breakfast at the COURTYARD.

Contact Persons in Pougkeepsie

If there are any questions or problems concerning the Conference procedures, participants may contact Miss Patricia Boyd, Secretary AFRICANA STUDIES PROGRAM by email: or by FAX at (914) 437-7204 and by telephone (914) 437-7490. Any regular mail should be addressed to Constance E. Berkley, Ph.D.,Conference Convener, Vassar College, Box 0316, 124 Raymond Avenue, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 12604.


Participants are kindly requested to abide by the deadline for submitting their paper and panel proposals. The program committee is keen to have its input in streamlining the papers to address the African comparative element. Last minute or late proposals are not going to help us in this regard. The chair of the program committee will be pleased to receive tips and suggestions to enhance the substance of the conference, to diversify participation, emphasize its African perspective, and make the meeting a fun and a memorable occasion. Veteran members of the Association, who lost contact, are urged to consider coming this time at this juncture of overlapping times and calendars. A pilgrimage to Poughkeepsie is a rite of passage with us. Vassar College is once more taking us in its debt for its generous support of the conference and solidarity with Dr. Constance Berkley, a Vassar distinguished scholar and founding mother of our Association. Dr. Berkley is investing a lot of energy to secure the invitation of scholars from Sudan. Nothing is guaranteed so far. Let us acknowledge her work to reunion. Those who can help effectively in this area can talk to her. Graduate students are especially asked to talk or e-mail the chair about their research agenda. Don't hesitate in letting us know how we can help you feature in the sessions. We already secured the membership of two students through such intimate dialogues.

Registration & Membership Form

The 19th Annual Conference of the
Sudan Studies Association
African Studies Center, Vassar College,
6-8 April, 2000

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Dr. Richard A Lobban,
Rhode Island College- Anthropology,
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