About Gizeh Postcard

Subject: gizeh.msg (postcard explanation) From: borrel@ludvigsen.dhhalden.no (Borre Ludvigsen) Date: 16 Sep 93 16:07:18 GMT Organization: Ostfold College


A postcard from Egypt dated 1921. The printed text on the back is:


EGYPTE - Les Pyramides et le Sphinx - LL -

I found the card on a street market here in Fredrikstad, Norway. The handwritten text on the back indicates that it was sent by a sailor in traffic in the Mediterranean (Marseilles, Port Said, Jaffa and Cyprus are mentioned). It was posted in Alexandia, dated Jan. 18, 19921, for Molde, Norway.

Just send me a message if you wish to receive the original scan which is 150 dpi and 200 colors. The card is 72 x 151 mm.

- Barre Ludvigsen