Zaire-L and Zaire-News

Zaire-L and Zaire-News

Dear friends,

Those of you who wish to take part in the discussion on Zaire and its neighboring countries are invited to subscribe to Zaire-L at the following address: LISTSERV@RS6000.CMP.ILSTU.EDU

To subscribe, please write the following: Subscribe Zaire-L your Name

If you want to receive news about Zaire and its neighboring countries, send your request to the same address and then write:

Subscribe Zaire-News your Name

Note that Zaire-News in only for news not discussion. It is intended for those who wish to receive some info on Zaire and its neighbors but who do not want to take part in the discussions found on Zaire-L which sometimes has heavy traffic.

For questions, contact me at:

Andre Kapanga Zaire-L and Zaire-News Owner

From: (AndrÈ M. Kapanga) Subject: Announcing Zaire-L and Zaire-News Date: Sat, 03 Feb 1996 17:19:32 GMT Message-ID: <4evujs$>

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