Ugandanet and Bugandanet

Ugandanet and Bugandanet

Here are the details of a list on Uganda. There also is another called BUGANDANET, which is for issues pertaining to the Kingdom of Buganda in Uganda. It is open only to native speakers. It is:

UGANDANET ---------

UGANDANET a network of and by Ugandans and friends of Uganda.


Administrative requests regarding this list should be sent to

To submit a message to the group, send it to:

If at any time you wish to be removed from the list, send e-mail to with SIGNOFF as the body of the message. Also, if you know any Ugandans who would like to be added to the list, have them send their requests to with SUBSCRIBE as the body of the mail.

All messages to the list will be automatically archived every month and will later become available for retrieval from a file server.


It would be nice if you would introduce yourself in your first message. Briefly (no long testimonies, please) tell everyone

- your name, age (optional), and occupation - where you live (city, state/province, country)

Kiggundu Mukasa List Administrator, UGANDANET <>

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