Rural African Women's Food Fuel and Feed On Line Network (RAWFFFOL)

Rural African Women's Food Fuel and Feed On Line Network (RAWFFFOL)

Rural African Women's Food Fuel and Feed On Line Network
RAWFFOL is an Internet newsletter of practical suggestions for rural = African women to improve their lives and for those who support them = such as Peace Corp workers, Missionaries, NGOs, women in development = groups, etc.

African women are carrying the burden of rural development in Africa on = their backs. While we can do little to change the social structures = that burden African women, or modify African Society, we can help = lighten their burdens. There are new appropriate technologies, marketing = outlets, and support systems designed to help women. But how to get = that information to a woman in the bush.

This newsletter is designed to pull together caring women, men and = children into RAWFFFOL Sharing groups to create an information flow from = those who have knowhow to women who need it. You can be a conduit of = such information by becoming a RAWFFFOL Information Transfer Volunteer.

There is no cost. Just be willing to share yourself with African women = through a wide variety of channels from the Peace Corp to the mission of = many churches.

We invite women and men of all races, as well as any African women or = women of African descent to participate in this network through RAWFFFOL = by sharing ideas. We are especially interested in how the Internet can = support this mission.

If you are interested in sharing in developing this information conduit = for rural African women, please send an email to and = say Subscribe RAWFFFOL

Sharing and caring,

Dr. Carol

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*SPECIAL REQUEST - African women are needed as country coordinators for this newsletter. If you are originally from or currently in an African country, please contact Dr. Carol Cross at for more information.

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