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Ghana Review - A free Journal on the Internet

What is Ghana Review?

Ghana Review is a weekly journal about Ghana, Ghanaians and the international community which is published every Friday and is currently available ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE to subscribers via the internet.

Every week, several varied topics are covered in Ghana Review, including:

News, Politics and Culture Business, Economics & Finance, including the exchange rate of the cedi against the world's major currencies and share prices at the Ghana Stock Exchange.

Datesheets and Music: What's on and Where - meetings, conferences and social events. Highlife and Blues & Soul Music Charts.

Sports: Soccer and other sports including league tables in Ghana

Mailbox: Readers' views and opinions on any topic.

What is the Internet?

You can't escape, the communications revolution is here. The internet is a bank of screens hooked up to the worldwide network of computers linked by telephone lines. You can send messages to more than 30 million people in the world and have conferences about any subject from astrophysics to stamp collecting and tropical fishing. Your fellow explorers will be from all over the world: America, Argentina, Japan, Russia, Australia and Ghana.

This is the so-called information superhighway, a giant advance in human communications.

E-mail is the driving force of the internet. With it you can send a written message within seconds to the recipient's internet e-mail box at the other side of the world. E-mail is cheaper than the phone.

Most academic and other Institutions in the United Kingdom and other countries are connected to the internet. Just enquire from the computing manager of your organisation.

Many homes can also link into the internet via a modem.

E-mail Address

A short note on an e-mail address. It looks daunting but it is very simple. For instance, take the address for Ghana Review:

Everything to the left of the @ symbol relates to the sender/person and you can choose how it appears. Everything to the right of the @ symbol relates the computer where the e-mail address is held. At the end of each e-mail there is a code that relates to the country of origin e.g. "uk" for United Kingdom, "au" for Australia; or type of organisation "com" for commercial organisation, "ac" or "edu" for a university, "gov" for government.

 So in the above address:
 gr            shorthand Ghana Review (gr)
 pbs           abbreviates Portsmouth Business School (pbs)
 port          truncates Portsmouth
 ac            indicates an ACademic institution
 uk            relates to the country of origin.

How do I subscribe?

Simply send an e-mail message to:

and your name will be added to our distribution list. We regret that at this moment we are unable to supply hard copies of the publication to subscribers.

You do not have to be Ghanaian to subscribe to Ghana Review.

The temporary Snail Mail address for Ghana Review is:

 The Editorial Board
 Ghana Review
 C/O University of Portsmouth
 Department of Accounting & Management Science
 Locksway Road
 SOUTHSEA. Hampshire. PO4 8JF.
 Tel: 01705 844065
 Fax: 01705 844037

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 17:55:45 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Ghana Review

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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