African Lists

African Lists

David Bedell, University of Bridgeport, CT, USA <>

The following e-mail lists are useful resources for students and others who want to keep in touch with people from Africa. By subscribing to an electronic list, you can receive news or discuss issues of importance to your country, learn about another culture, practice a language, or just chat with friends.

Most of these lists are served by an automatic listserver. To subscribe, send e-mail to LISTSERV at the indicated node (e.g., LISTSERV@VTVM1 for the list AFRICA-L) with a message consisting of one line:

SUBSCRIBE <listname> <your name>
e.g.: subscribe africa-l David Bedell

Single-word node names such as VTVM1 are Bitnet nodes. If you are not on Bitnet yourself, you will have to add the suffix .BITNET to the node name (e.g., mail to LISTSERV@VTVM1.BITNET). Some of the lists require an address other than LISTSERV; these are indicated.

This document is part of a longer document about e-mail lists for language learning and regional studies. To get the current version of that document, send mail to LISTSERV@UBVM with the message GET FLTEACH FLLISTS or to LISTSERV@CUNYVM with the message GET LIST OFLISTS1. It is also accessible by WWW at flteach.fllists.

This document is divided into the following sections:
Africa region
North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia)
The Horn (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan)
East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda)
Southern Africa (Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe)
Central Africa (Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Zaire)
West Africa (Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone)

Africa region:
AFRICA-L@VTVM1 ("Pan-Africa Discussion List") News & discussion in English; includes discussion about Africa & the Internet.
AGE-L@UGA ("The African Global Experience") Discussion in English.
AFRICA-N@VM.UTCC.UTORONTO.CA ("AFRICA-N Africa News & Information Service") News in English.
AFRIQNEWS@ATHENA.MIT.EDU News of Africa. Subscription requests to AFRICANS-ACL, not LISTSERV.
AFAGEND@IACCESS.ZA ("African Agenda") From Accra & Johannesburg.
NUAFRICA@LISTSERV.ACNS.NWU.EDU ("Program of African Studies Mailing List")
AFRIQUE@UNIV-LYON1.FR ("List Afrique, La liste francophone sur l'Afrique")
LINKAFRIC@AGOUTI.HDS.UNIV-COMPIEGNE.FR News & discussion in French & English. Subscription requests to LISTPROC, not LISTSERV.
ASA-NET@SFU.CA African Students Association. Subscription requests to AINA, not LISTSERV.
EJAS-L@KENTVM ("Electronic Journal in Africana Studies") Biannual.
ASO@ACUVAX.ACU.EDU ("African Studies On-Line Newsletter") Subscription requests to CHOWNING, not LISTSERV.
AFRLIT@ACUVAX.ACU.EDU African literature. Subscription requests to AFRLIT-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
ZA-FILM-TV@UNSEEN.AZTEC.CO.ZA ("The African Film & TV Discussion List")
H-AFRICA@MSU.EDU ("H-NET List for African History")
AFRICANA@WMVM1 ("Information Technology and Africa")
RINAF-L@VM.CNUCE.CNR.IT ("RINAF News") Regional Informatics Net for Africa.
AFRICPOP@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU ("Social demography of Africans: research and activism")
IBADS@TOME.WORLDBANK.ORG ("Information Bank on African Development Studies")
AFROLAT@ASUACAD ("Afro Latin America/JALAS&L List") Academic discussion of the African diaspora in Latin America & the Caribbean. A service of the Journal of Afro-Latin American Studies & Literatures.

North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia):
MIAST-L@UIUCVMD ("Maghrebian Scientific Institute") In English & Arabic, by Arab users abroad.
ALGNEWS@GWUVM ("Algeria News List") From Algerian Embassy, in Fr. & Eng.
ALGERIA-NET@MAIL.MSEN.COM ("The Algeria-Net Mailing List") Discussion in Fr., Eng. & Arabic. Subscription requests to MAJORDOMO, not LISTSERV.
AS@MAIL.MSEN.COM ("Algerian Scientists mailing list") Subscription requests to MAJORDOMO, not LISTSERV.
APA-NET@MAIL.MSEN.COM Discussion of Algerian Peace Association, in French, English & Arabic. Subscription requests to MAJORDOMO, not LISTSERV.
AMAZIGH-NET@MAIL.MSEN.COM ("Discussion of Amazigh (Berber) culture, language, and people") In English & French. Subscription requests to MAJORDOMO, not LISTSERV.
EGYPT-NET@CS.SUNYSB.EDU ("Egypt Discussion and News") Daily digest. Subscription requests to EGYPT-NET-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
MESR@NCSA.UIUC.EDU For Egyptians only. Membership requests to MESR.
MAURITANIE-NET@BAT710.UNIV-LYON1.FR Discussion of Mauritania, in French & English. Subscription requests to MAURITANIE-NET-REQUEST.
MAROC-WWW@SOKRATES.MIP.KI.SE ("Morocco Calling!") Discussion in Eng. & Fr.
TUNISNET@PSUVM ("The Tunisia Network") Discussion in Eng., Fr. & Arabic.
TUNINFO@PSUVM ("Tunisian Information Office, Washington, D.C.") In Fr.
TUNISIA@RENNES.ENST-BRETAGNE.FR Discussion of Tunisia, in French, English & Arabic. Subscription requests to HAMDI, not LISTSERV.
TSC-L@UTKVM1 ("Tunisian Scientific Consortium (TSC)") Discussion of science & technology development in Tunisia; mainly in English.

The Horn (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan):
ERITREA-L@RELAY.DOIT.WISC.EDU ("Eritrean Mailing List") News & discussion in English. Subscription requests to LISTSERVER, not LISTSERV.
ERITREA-INFO@THAMES.STANFORD.EDU News & open discussion about Eritrea, in English & Eritrean languages (Dehai, SERA, etc.). Subscription requests to MAJORDOMO, not LISTSERV.
DEHAI@THAMES.STANFORD.EDU More specialized discussion of Eritrea, in English & Eritrean languages (Dehai, SERA, etc.). Subscription requests to MAJORDOMO, not LISTSERV.
DEHAI-ERITREA@CBNEWS.ATT.COM Eritreans abroad; for Eritreans only. Subscription requests to SAM, not LISTSERV.
ETHIOLIST@NETCOM.COM ("Info Network for Ethiopia/Ethiopians") Subscription requests to TXT4, not LISTSERV.
ETHIOSCIENCES@PGEDMS.COMP.PGE.COM ("Ethiopian Scientific Discussion") Subscription requests to ETHIOLIST-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
ETHIOPIANS@CLEO.ENG.SUN.COM ("Ethiopian E-mail Distribution Network (EEDN)") Subscription requests to ETH-INFO, not LISTSERV.
OROMO-NET@NETCOM.COM ("Oromos and serious scholars of them") For Oromo people of Ethiopia.
SNU@STRIX.UDAC.UU.SE ("Somalia News Update") Subscription requests to ANTBH, not LISTSERV.
SAPD-SOMALIA@IGC.APC.ORG ("Somalia Association for Peace & Democracy") Subscription requests to MAJORDOMO, not LISTSERV.
SUDAN-L@EMUVM1.CC.EMORY.EDU ("Sudan Discussion")
SUDANLIST@SMI.UIB.NO Scholarly information exchange. Subscription requests to ALBRECHT.HOFHEINZ, not LISTSERV.
SUDAN-CUSH@HELSINKI.FI Discussion of southern Sudan. Subscription requests to MAJORDOMO, not LISTSERV.

East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda):
SWAHILI-L@RELAY.DOIT.WISC.EDU ("Swahili Distribution List") In Swahili. Subscription requests to LISTSERVER, not LISTSERV.
KENYANEWS@MEDIA.MIT.EDU Daily news from Kenya. Subscription requests to KENYANEWS-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
KENYA-NET@FTP.COM ("Kenya and East Africa") For East Africans only. Membership requests to KENYA-NET-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
KENYA_TECH@KABISSA.COM ("Kenyan networking technology forum")
KCI-NET@MEDIA.MIT.EDU ("Kenyan/East African Info Tech") Kenyan Computer Institute discussion of technology. Membership requests to KCI-NET-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
KENYA-BIZ@MEDIA.MIT.EDU Discussion of Kenya & East African business. Subscription requests to KENYA-BIZ-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
UJAMAA-NET@BIBLE.ACU.EDU ("Discussion Forum for Issues Pertaining to Tanzania")
WANANET@DANTE.LBL.GOV For Tanzanians only. Subscription requests to WANANET-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
NASITUPO@OISE.ON.CA ("Wanawake wa Tanzania") In Swahili.
UGANDANET@BIBLE.ACU.EDU ("Uganda Discussion List") For Ugandans only.

Southern Africa (Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe):
AIA@WEB.APC.ORG ("Africa Information Afrique") Daily news from southern Africa. Subscription requests to AIACAN, not LISTSERV.
MISA-NET@IS.CO.ZA ("MISA Information") MISA (Media Institute of Southern Africa) Free Press Magazine. Subscription requests to WMAIL, not LISTSERV.
KHOESAN@VM.UTCC.UTORONTO.CA ("Khoesan Studies - Language, Culture, & Politics of the Khoesan Peoples")
BOTSWANA@MATHCS.DUQ.EDU ("Botswana-Net") Subscription requests to MAJORDOMO, not LISTSERV.
LESNET@MIT.EDU ("Lesotho Network") Discussion mainly in Sesotho language.
NYASANET@UNH.EDU Discussion of Malawi, in English & Malawi. Subscription requests to NYASANET-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
MALAWI UPDATE@CUS.CAM.AC.UK Monthly news in English. Subscription requests to AMO1002, not LISTSERV.
MISA-INFO@MISANET.ORG ("Mozambique Peace Process Bulletin")
NAMNET@LISSE.NA Discussion digest on Namibia. Subscription requests to NAMIBIA-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
PIN@LIBE.CSIR.CO.ZA ("Peter's Intermittent Newsletter") News of South Africa. Subscription requests to PETER, not LISTSERV.
AFRIKAANS@UNSEEN.AZTEC.CO.ZA ("Discussion in and around Afrikaans")
ZIMNET@ATHENA.MIT.EDU ("Zimbabwean Communication Net") For Zimbabweans only. Subscription requests to DSABURI, not LISTSERV.

Central Africa (Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Zaire):
CAMNET@VM.CNUCE.CNR.IT ("Discussion on Cameroon's Topics")
CAMEROON@EARTH-SCIENCES.LEEDS.AC.UK Cameroonian students. Subscription requests to CAMEROON-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
CAMEROON@CCL.UMIST.AC.UK ("Cameroon Daily News") Subscription requests to CAMEROON-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
CAMEROON-FORUM@IC.AC.UK Debates & Information Exchange.
GUINEQ-L@VM.CNUCE.CNR.IT ("Discussion on Equatorial Guinea Topic")
ZAIRE-L@ILSTU.EDU ("Zaire and surrounding francophone countries Discussion List")
ZAIRE-NEWS@ILSTU.EDU ("News of Zaire and surrounding francophone countries")

West Africa (Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone):
OKYEAME@ATHENA.MIT.EDU ("Ghanaian Distribution List") For Ghanaians only. Membership requests to OFORI@MIT.EDU.
LSA-L@UGA ("Liberian Studies Association")
NAIJA-NEWS@WELBY.MED.HARVARD.EDU ("Nigerian News Update") Subscription requests to NAIJA-NEWS-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
NGR-MAIL@VM.CNUCE.CNR.IT ("NGR-MAIL Discussion List about Networking in Nigeria")
NAIJANET@MITVMA ("Nigerian Information network") In English.
NIGERIA@QUINCY.MED.HARVARD.EDU ("Nigerian NewsGroup") For Nigerians only. Subscription requests to PNTA, not LISTSERV.
ANA@WELBY.MED.HARVARD.EDU ("Association of Nigerians Abroad") Membership requests to ANA-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
NAIJA-WOMEN@GRADIENT.CIS.UPENN.EDU ("Nigerian Women's Net") Subscription requests to NAIJA-WOMEN-REQUEST, not LISTSERV.
NAIJEDUC@USQ.EDU.AU ("Nigerian Higher Education")
ODUDUWA-NET@SFU.CA Yoruba Language Network. Subscription requests to AINA, not LISTSERV.
SENEGA-L@VM.CNUCE.CNR.IT ("Discussion on Senegal Topics")
LEONENET@MITVMA ("A Discussion of Sierra Leonean Issues")

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