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South Africa's leading independent weekly newspaper is now available via the Internet.

Subscribers to the electronic version can now have the entire paper emailed to them every Friday.

It costs less than US$2 per issue.

SUBSCRIPTION RATES: ONE YEAR (52 ISSUES) US$100 10% discount for students SIX MONTHS US$50

If you would like a sample copy of the paper, send an email request to

There is no automatic response, so please please be patient.

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2. A-Z of South African Politics on PC disk


SOUTH AFRICAN politics used to be simple. There was right and wrong, black and white, the powerful and the disempowered, the oppressed and the oppressors, the voters and the disenfranchised.

It was relatively easy to find your way around and work out who and what fitted into these categories. That changed in 1990, fortunately.

Now, after four years of relative political freedom, the country boasts a bewildering array of personalities, organisations and institutions, many of them new and unknown.

The Weekly Mail & Guardian's A-Z of South African Politics - The Essential PC Database - is the work of 28 experts in all aspects of the political structure of South Africa. With 182 profiles, 57 organisations, 18 issues, a brief chronology of South African history, vital statistics, office-bearers and contact numbers, it offers an under-the-skin feel for the country's politics in at this crucial time in its history.

It is available on PC disk (in both Dos and Windows formats) that includes a powerful and easy to use full-text search engine.

PRICE South/Southern Africa: SA Rands R99 International US$40 (includes airmail postage).

Please specify stiffy or floppy disks when ordering. (Note: You get both Dos and Windows versions)

ORDERS Credit card holders can fax their orders and card details to: Weekly Mail A-Z Country code 27, city code 11, fax no 403-1025 Mark for attention of Judy Bester

Or payment can be posted to The Weekly Mail A-Z Box 32362 Braamfontein 2017 South Africa

email inquiries to


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