UDLP-L Listserv

UDLP-L Listserv

This listserv will provide you with info on the Iowa-Nigeria
connection.  No flame wars please, but feel free to lurk.
Mikko Korpela and Dozie Ezigbalike recently got on the list.

Visiting U Iowa next week will two women involved in setting up the
e-mail node at Yaba Tech.

I posted this to ANA separately, just to reach those who are
on that but not naijanet.  Somebody Please crosspost this to
soc.culture.nigeria--I still no sabi dis trn news reader.  :)

charles abbott aka
omowale adigun

--------------begin main message-------------------------------------

        for your information, the listserv list dedicated to discussing the
University Development Linkage Program is getting running again after
some slow months.  I am working at building up traffic on the list, though
I claim no real knowledge of the contours of the overall program.  The
only part of the UDLP I do claim knowledge of is a particular university
linkage development project that links four institutions in Iowa with four
in Oyo State, Nigeria.

US Side

1.  University of Iowa aka UI
2.  Iowa State University aka ISU
3.  University of Northern Iowa aka UNI
4.  Des Moines Area Community College aka DMACC

Nigeria Side

1.  University of Ibadan aka UI
2.  Ibadan Polytechnic aka the polytechnic
3.  Obafemi Awololw University, Ife aka OAU
4.  Nigerian Institute for Social and Economic Research aka NISER

(* this was written for a previous audience, but I leave it in for
ana people--I assume you are aware of the next couple of paragraphs *)


        Nigeria is currently experiencing some serious internal problems,
dating to the annulment of the 12 June 1993 elections which Moshood Abiola
is widely believed to have won.  The crisis intensified with Abiola's 12
June 1994 assertion that he is the rightful president, and his subsequent
imprisonment along with an ever increasing circle of individuals
who are asking the current military regime to relinquish power.

        On a different but related matter, Nigeria has allegedly become a
major narcotics transit country for heroin destined for the U.S. and
originating in both West and East Asia.  In April the US State Department
"decertified" Nigeria to receive US bilateral assistance on the grounds
that Nigeria allegedly has not done enough to combat the flow of
narcotics.  This development also makes the IOWA-NIGERIA project more
difficult, and may terminate the USAID funding for the IOWA-NIGERIA
linkage program (depending on the interpretation of federal programs).

(* end information you probably already know *)

        Despite such problems, Iowa and Nigeria are increasingly linked
in a variety of research and exchange programs, of which the UDLP is just
the most obvious example.

        The best place to stay in touch with what is happening in the
Iowa-Nigeria goings on will be the udlp-l listserv.  Don't say you
never heard about it.  Enough said.

charles abbott

---------------------FAQ FOLLOWS-----------------------------------

| FAQ     FAQ    FAQ    FAQ    FAQ    FAQ    FAQ    FAQ        |
|                                                              |
|     Frequently asked questions about UDLP-L                  |
|                                                              |
| FAQ     FAQ    FAQ    FAQ    FAQ    FAQ    FAQ    FAQ        |
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|   UDLP-L: University Development Linkage Program Listserv    |
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| FAQ     FAQ    FAQ    FAQ    FAQ    FAQ    FAQ    FAQ        |

UDLP-L FAQ: updated 23 August 1994

Author: Charles Abbott
      University of Iowa

Internet address: (real address)
          (alias for same address)

Disclaimer: This FAQ represents my interpretation of the udlp; I speak
        for myself, not the University of Iowa, the UDLP, or USAID.
        Policies of this listserv are subject to change without notice.
        The material contained in this FAQ is believed to be accurate:
        updates will be issued periodically.


1.  what is udlp-l?

      udlp-l is an automated "listserv" mailing list dedicated
to discussion of the university development linkage programs
sponsored by USAID (United States Agency for International

      there are over a dozen udlps funded by USAID and aimed at
building the capacity of universities in developing countries through
work between designated US universities and their partner universities
in developing countries.

      at this point, discussion of these programs can be specific
(about any particular udlp) or more general (about the udlp in general).
Comments and questions that facilitate networking between udlp
participants and others doing research in host countries are also welcome.

2.  who can join udlp-l?

      udlp-l is designated as a "semi-private" list.  At this point, I
am inviting any interested parties to subscribe in order to listen without
posting themselves (or "lurk", in internet parlance).

3.  who can post on udlp-l?

      Anyone who has subscribed to udlp-l can post; The listserv will
not accept posts from unsubscribed individuals.  The list has recently
suffered from a shortage of posts, or "not enough" traffic, rather than
too much.  Policies may change to accomodate fluctuations in the volume
of traffic on udlp-l.

      Posts should be of a relatively professional nature.  Flame wars
and the hurly burly of unmoderated listservs/newsgroups will not be
tolerated.  Crosspostings should be kept to a minimum.  Participants
have shown the ability to police themselves in the past, and it is
assumed they will continue to do so.  This remains an unmoderated list,
so think before you post.

      The primary audience for udlp-l is its participants.  However, the
udlp and its associated listserv should not be kept secret, but publicized
widely.  We encourage others with research interests in the participating
countries/universities to share their knowledge, experience, and
expertise, whether or not they are active members of a udlp.

4.  Wasn't this a list for third world electronic networking in the past?

        Well, kind of.  A brief digression away from the typical FAQ
structure may be in order here.

        Electronic and other forms of networking was one of the projects
that the former listowner,
Joe Monahan, was running on this list.  Joe has passed managment of this
list over to me, and I am trying to keep it focused toward the udlps.
For those of you subscribing because of interests in electronic
networking, etc, stick around for a while.  While there may be less of
that, I don't want to see Joe's work on that topic go to waste.  News
on where that topic moves to will appear here periodically.

        Also, I'm not convinced that the two topics are completely
separate--I think they overlap to a large extent.  To what extent
networking continues to be discussed here will be partly a function of
how interested people here are in discussing it.

        For those of you who may have lost touch with Joe, stay tuned.
He is at a research annex (Oakdale Campus of U. Iowa), and tells me they
will have internet access within a week or so, including (ooh, ahh)
Mosaic space to loan out.  :)  Joe is currently getting mail at a
friend's address:

        (* end digression on electronic networking *)

5.  how do I get on udlp-l?

        Send a mail message to
        subject line blank (it will be ignored)
        body of message one line: subscribe udlp-l firstname lastname

        udlp-l is run off of a VAX with automated LISTSERV software
that emulates a subset of BITNET commands.  commands are not case
sensitive (because vaxen don't care about case).  You will get an
automated response back from the listserver within a few
minutes after your subscription, notifying you whether you succeeded
in subscribing).

6.  how do I leave udlp-l?

      send a mail message to the same address
      subject line blank  (it will be ignored)
      body of message: signoff udlp-l firstname lastname.

7.  how do I get help?

      send mail to
      subject line blank
      body of message: help

8.  is there anything I should do when I get on?

      Yes.  Take your subscription notice and save it in a mail
folder or file with all your subscription notices.  If your account
is deactivated, unsubscribe from udlp-l and all your other listservs.
If your mailbox will overflow during a vacation, unsubscribe then also.
To find out if your mailbox will overflow during a vacation, contact your
local sysadministrator.

        If you're interested, you can provide a short introduction of
yourself and your research interests.

9.  how do I post a message to udlp-l?

        send posts to
        Note that this is not the adminstrative address!

        let me belabor the point:

        1.  SUBSCRIPTIONS to
        2.  POSTS to
        3.  ARCHIVES (see #11)

10.  Is there any format I should follow when posting?

        Please use informative subject lines.  I tentatively suggest
the convention of headings at the front of the subject line: "GENERAL"
for posts of general interest.  "IOWA-NIGERIA" for the Iowa-Nigeria
linkage.  E.WASH-GHANA for the Eastern Washington State-Cape Coast
Ghana linkage.  etc.

        Abstracts would be nice, too--especially for longer posts.  Something
that we could use more of in cyberspace.

11.  does udlp-l archive old messages?

        Yes.  Here's how to get archived messages.
        Send a message to
        subject line blank
        body of message: sendme
        where yyyy is year in four digits (e.g. 1994) and mm is month
in two (e.g. 08).
        Example: to get the archived messages for august 1994, send a
one line message with no subject heading to
The body of the message should be: sendme udlp-l.1994.08
        This listserv began activity in 1994.01.

10.  What are the udlps currently in progress?

      Good question.  I haven't the foggiest.  The next FAQ
will probably list them.  For now, I will leave you in suspense.

        Before all the udlp subscribers send me mail at once telling me
what the udlps are, let's be organized about this.  If you are in charge
of one, tell me about it (and save a copy to post to udlp-l).  Or if you
administer the general udlp, you can give me a brief list of them all.
But let's avoid duplication of effort.

11. Who can I contact about the udlps?

      I feel uncomfortable designating people to be contacted
without their authorization beforehand.  volunteer if you want to be
on the list for your udlp.  If you are in charge of yours, you may be
obligated to list yourself.  Even better, you may want to designate a
pinch hitter to help manage your mail if you are swamped with work.

12.  I'm looking for the e-mail address of someone associated with
a udlp.  I think they subscribe to udlp-l.  How can I get a list
of the subscribers?

        Send a message to
        subject line: blank
        one line command in body of message: review udlp-l.

13.  I have a suggestion to make this FAQ better.  What should I do?

        write to me and tell me about it.     (real address)        (alias for same address)


ONCE AGAIN, the disclaimer:

        I speak for myself, not the University of Iowa, the UDLP
project, or USAID.  tell me about any inaccuracies or omissions in this
FAQ, or just how it can be made better.

-------------------END DISCLAIMER------------------------------------

Ch33rs, cia0, and l8r,

        charles abbott

                        omowale adigun

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| Department of Geography       | e-mail:   |
| 316 Jessup Hall               |  voice: (319) 338-7226 (h/o)          |
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---------------thank you for reading to the end of this FAQ--------------
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