RFD: misc.education.home-school.muslim


Proposed by: Cynthia R. Sulaiman (csulaima@gnu.ai.mit.edu)
Group Name: misc.education.home-school.muslim
Status: unmoderated
Distribution: world wide
Summary: For discussion, support, and resource, for Muslims who choose to educate their chidren at home.

This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) on the creation of an unmoderated USENET newsgroup, misc.education.home-school.muslim, a group dedicated to helping Muslim parents home school their children.

This RFD is being cross-posted to the following newsgroups:

One of the main purposes of this RFD is to call for suggestions regarding the purpose and the charter (see below). The discussions are to take place in news.groups for the next 22-30 days.

As specified in the News Group Guidelines, an official Call For Votes (CFV) will be posted, at which time vote will be conducted by a neutral party.


Islam is not "just" a religion, its guides its believers in their day to day socio-economic functions. The foundation of Islam is the family and to that charge and resposibility Muslims take great care.

Islam teaches parents that they will be held fully accountable at the time of Judgement for the disipline, well being, and education of all children in their care, and for the happiness and well being of their family in general. Recognizing that responsibility, Muslims are taking a hard look at the educational choices offered to them in the United States and Canada.

Home schooling (educating children in the home) is an option many do not know exsists. When a parent makes that decision to home school or at least to get information, one of the first places they may check (if they are on-line) is USENET. Currently, what a Muslim finds there applies only in part to his or her needs.

Just as one of the resources Christians have for home schooling is misc.education.home-schooling.christain, and an all around resource for Christains and those who prefer a more secular flavor, misc.education.home-schooling.misc, so to will misc.education.home-schooling.muslim will be one of the many resources used by these parents in assertaining the best education for their child.

Why do Muslims (those who beleive in the Islamic faith) need a separate newsroup? Islam is a separate religion distinct from Christainity but the practioners, like Christains, want to educate their children in a God centered environment. Also, Muslim parents do not wish to invade the other newsgroups with their discussions that have no interest to the Non-Muslim reader.


The newsgroup misc.education.home-school.muslim will be for the discussion, support and resource for Muslims, and others, who choose to educate their children at home.

The newgroup will be unmoderated, and it is hoped that our readers will ignore flames and all messages seeking to provoke Muslim home schoolers to arguments.

Topics to be discussed will include but are not limited to:

Cynthia R. Sulaiman

From: csulaima@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Cynthia R. Sulaiman)
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Subject: RFD: misc.education.home-school.muslim
Date: 28 Aug 1994 22:54:51 GMT
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