PHNFLASH Newsletter

PHNFLASH Newsletter

Message-ID: <> Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 14:35:00 -0500 Sender: Technology Transfer in International Development From: Sara Kim PHN 33429 Subject: Announcement--PHNFLASH ~#

My name is Sara Kim and I have been managing an initiative, called "PHNLINK" that was launched by the Department of Population, Health, and Nutrition here at the World Bank.

Our office offers two electronic services (Listserv) under PHNLINK that are available to those with e-mail access:

PHNFLASH is a weekly electronic newsletter on main population, health, and nutrition issues and is currently distributed to about 400 subscribers around the world including ministries, universities, NGOs, and research institutions; and QCARE, a discussion group on quality care in health which is open to the public.

We recognize the importance of Listserv as a crucial tool to reach out to people with only e-mail access. We have been archiving a number of articles for electronic retrieval. Some of these archived materials include Population Network News, Health Policy, Human Resources Dissemination Notes and World Bank Project Information Documents. We are planning to archive New and Note-worthy in Nutrition, Mothers & Children Bulletin, and various research and working paper series.

Please feel free to circulate this message to your colleagues in the population, health, and nutrition area. If you would like to receive PHNFLASH or participate in QCARE, please send a message to me. Or for those of you who would like to subscribe directly, please send a message to:

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sara Kim

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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