Nigerian Education (NAIJEDUC-L)

Nigerian Education (NAIJEDUC-L)

Subject: NEW: NAIJEDUC-L Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 17:41:00 PST Reply-To: Olu Jegede To: Multiple recipients of list AFRICANA


A new electronic discussion group, NAIJEDUC, has been established. It is a moderated information and action-oriented list dedicated specifically, although not exclusively, to Higher Education in Nigeria.

NAIJEDUC has an Advisory Board which decides on, formulates, and implements policy issues of the List.

As a matter of policy, NAIJEDUC moderates (by way of editing, modifying, checking to be sure they are focused on the theme of the List, etc) all messages posted to it. Therefore, any message sent to the List is in the first instance moderated by the Listowner/Moderators who would take one of the following decisions about the message: the message is forwarded to the list for distribution with or without minor modifications; sent back to the originator(s) for substantial review; or sent back to the originator(s) as rejected. Although efforts will be made to exert the least minimal interference with the flow of discussions, subscribers to NAIJEDUC must accept in principle the policy of moderation.

Anyone interested in joining should please send a one line message containing the following:

Subscribe Naijeduc (and your names - First name, Surname) to:

Thank you.

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