Middle East Related Listservs

Middle East Related Listservs

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Some time ago, I posted a request for information on Mideast-related email lists in Soc.culture.Arabic. I received a remarkably large volume of response; I have compiled this information below. I want to acknowledge that some of what is below is verbatim repetition of information as I received it. Thanks to John Hinton, Alexandre Khalil, Ayeda Ayed, Jon Anderson, and S.M.M. Al-Taher.


PALESTINE NET at This includes excellent news items from wire services and Palestinian and Israeli media. A particularly interesting item I saw there yesterday was a summary of Hebrew press editorials from the last week, something we ought to regard as invaluable since few on our side read these papers; I don't know if this was a regular feature or not. P-net also includes various postings of the usual kinds.

EGYPTNET This is issued as a daily digest of posts received. There is some news about Egypt, some political arguments and discussion of Egyptian issues, and a great deal of metadiscussion and responses to the problems caused by a couple of posters who post comments which they probably imagine to be amusing about various groups.

TRKNWS-L listserv@uscvm Turkish news one item at a time.

LEBANON NET is said to be available at, but I haven't been able to reach this one, depite repeated efforts.

ALGNEWS Algeria News List (French)

TUNISNET | |The Tunisia Network


ISLAM-L at listserv@uldyvm.bitnet

MUSLIMS listserv@psuvm.bitnet

MSA-L |Muslim Student Association

Jon Anderson, editor of the Middle East Studies Assn Bulletin, directed me to a list of Mideast-related lists in the MESA Bulletin no. 25 (Dec. 1992), p. 179. He notes that "Some of these are technical (Turkish, Hebrew TEX), some local (Maghrib scientists). There are some others not listed in the article that will be listed in a future one."

--John Habeeb Hurley

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