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Are you an MK, or have you grown up in a culture different than that of 
your parents?  Then this mailing list is for you!  

MKNet is a public mailing list for MKs and people interested in 
MKs (an MK is a Missionary Kid, a person who has grown up in a home with 
Christian missionary parents).

Any and all MKs are of course welcome and encouraged to subscribe to 
this list, we want your input!  And anyone who has not faced the rewards 
and challenges of growing up in a missionary home but for whatever 
reason is interested in the issues with which such people are presented 
is also more than welcome to subscribe and participate.

It's the general practice when starting a new mailing list to have some 
kind of official "outline", or purpose.  This list is more like a huge 
room where we can all have one giant MK reunion, only the room is the 
world in our case, so that's kind of hard.  However, for the sake of 
posterity (?), I'll write a few pointers.  The points below are supposed 
to pretty much encompass anything that could go on on this kind of list, 
so let's just sit back (there are couches in the corner, and help 
yourself to the drinks), and visit!

   The Purpose of the MKNet Mailing List

1.  To provide a forum for discussing issues of concern to MKs;

2.  To encourage contacts between MKs;

3.  To distribute news tidbits about those "remotest parts of the earth" 
that are not covered in any "respectable" newspaper; :-)

4.  To discuss whether 'colo(u)r' should be spelled with that darn 'u' 
or not;

5.  To announce class reunions of international schools, retreats for 
MKs, and any other MK get-togethers;

6.  To provide a pool (indoor, heated) whereby one MK may be able to 
locate "lost" friends or classmates;

7.  etc. (there, that should cover all the bases)

 To subscribe, just send an email to with the words:
"subscribe mknet" in the body of your mail. Please direct any questions or comments to

More information is available from this web site:


    Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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