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From: (Bernd Wechner) Subject: Hospitality Exchange (bringing cultures together) Date: 3 Aug 93 10:27:39 GMT Organization: BHP Steel, Sheet & Coil, Research & Technology Centre

Here's a quick advert for the HOSPEX database, that deserves a mention in the culture groups now and then.

======================================================================== HOSPITALITY EXCHANGE DATABASE: HOSPEX@PLEARN.bitnet


** Are you willing to host visitors?

** Do you want to stay with local residents when you travel?

If the answer to both of these questions is YES, then please join HOSPEX!

HOSPEX members are spread in over 35 countries on six continents and the current growing rate is of about 3 new members per week. Many members have reported wonderful experiences in both hosting HOSPEX guests and in staying with HOSPEX hosts.

HOSPEX was created in June 1991 to serve as a means for exchanges between academics and students to further professional relationships. It has developed into a net-wide database for travelers interested in homestay exchanges and in getting to know local residents when traveling.

Get ready to find free and/or cheap lodging when you travel. Get ready to make new friends with people from cultures different from your own. Get ready for pleasant adventures. It doesn't matter that you only have floor space available, or a guest house, or just a place for a tent in your backyard, all types of accommodations are acceptable.

To subscribe, send a message to LISTSERV@PLEARN.BITNET containing a single line:

SUBSCRIBE HOSPEX Your_First_Name Your_Last_Name

You will be sent a form you must fill out to become a member. Upon entry of your completed form, you will be sent directions to search the database and will also become a member of the HOSPEX-L discussion list. FTP access over the Internet is also available for members.

If you have ANY questions, please address them to:



There are a handful of very similar services running through the normal mail system. If you would like any information on these, check the newsgroup, or the archive. If you're really stuck mail me, I maintain a list of them.


-- Bernd Wechner, Research Engineer ( BHP Sheet and Coil Products Division, Research and Technology Centre Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia. (Disclaimer: I claim dis)

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