H-Net Announces 43 Scholarly Lists for Humanists

H-Net Announces 43 Scholarly Lists for Humanists

Here is the latest announcement from H-Net which contains a list of present and proposed lists. SW


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H-Net Announces 43 Scholarly Lists for Humanists

September 13, 1994 please circulate

I. The Information Revolution is happening now. Dramatic changes are underway in the electronic communications infrastructure worldwide, especially the Internet system that links academics together in a fast, free and friendly environment. H-Net is an international initiative to assist humanists to go on-line, using their personal computers. It operates daily newsletters for humanists, moderated by some 80 scholars in the US, Australia, Canada, Italy and Japan. H-Net has financial support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and is hosted by the University of Illinois-Chicago and Michigan State University.

II. H-Net sponsors 43 electronic discussion groups or "lists" by and for professional scholars in the humanities. Subscribers automatically receive messages in their computer mailboxes. These messages can be saved, discarded, downloaded to a PC, copied, printed out, posted to local bulletin boards, or relayed to someone else. Best of all, the reader can immediately REPLY. The lists are email newsletters that are published daily. Currently our lists have 15,000 subscribers in 51 countries. They receive an average of 15-40 messages a week. Subscription applications are solicited from scholars, college professors and graduate students. We especially welcome librarians and archivists. Each list is moderated by one or more scholars and has a board of editors. The moderators control the flow of messages and reject those unsuitable for a scholarly discussion group.

The goals of H-NET lists are to enable scholars to easily communicate current research and teaching interests; to discuss new approaches, methods and tools of analysis; to share information on electronic databases; and to test new ideas and share comments on current historiography. Each list is especially interested in methods of teaching in diverse settings. The lists feature dialogues in the discipline. They publish book reviews, job announcements, syllabi, course outlines, class handouts, bibliographies, listings of new sources, guides to online library catalogs and archives, and reports on new software, datasets and cd-roms. Subscribers write in with questions, comments, and reports, and sometimes with mini-essays of a page or two.

Regarding Book Reviews, please contact Professor Mark Kornbluh, dept of History, dept of History Michigan State U, East Lansing MI 48224. (517) 355-7500, fax = (517) 353-5599 Internet =

H-Net operates 2-day training workshops for humanities faculty on their campuses, and one-day workshops for NEH Summer Institutes for College Faculty. Interested college departments should contact H-NET's Executive Director, Richard Jensen (professor of history, U of Illinois- Chicago), at (615) 552-9923, fax = (615) 572-1024 email =

III. The H-Net lists in operation are:

       [ = Michigan State lists; others =]
      1. H-Albion     British and Irish history
      2. H-AmStdy     American Studies
      3. H-AntiS      Antisemitism
      4. H-Asia       Asian History
      5. H-Business   Business history
         To subscribe to H-Business, send this message to
         subscribe H-Business Firstname Surname, College
      6. H-CivWar     US Civil War
      7. H-Diplo      diplomatic history, international affairs
      8. H-Ethnic     ethnic & immigration history
      9. H-Film       scholarly studies & uses of media
     10. H-German     German history
     11. H-Grad       for graduate students only
     12. H-Ideas      intellectual history
     13. H-Italy      Italian history and culture
     14. H-Judaic     Judaica, Jewish History
     15. H-Labor      labor history
     16. H-LatAm      Latin American History
     17. H-Law        legal and constitutional history
     18.   Macintosh users
     19. H-Pol        US political history
     20. H-PCAACA     Popular Culture Assoc & American Culture Assoc.
     21. H-Rhetor     history of rhetoric & communications
     22. H-Rural      rural and agricultural history
     23. H-Russia     Russian history
     24. H-SHGAPE     US Gilded Age & Progressive Era
     25. H-South      US South
     26. H-State      Welfare State; "putting state back in"
     27.  Teaching US Survey
     28. H-Teach      teaching college history
     29. H-Urban      urban history
     30.   Teaching Western Civ
     31. H-Women      women's history
     32.   World History & world survey texts
     33. HOLOCAUS     Holocaust studies
     34. IEAHCnet     Colonial America

         Affiliated email lists:
         HABSBURG@purccvm   Austro-Hungarian Empire
         ECONHIST@MIAMIU.ACS.MUOHIO.EDU  Economic History

              Planning stage: (fall 1994)
     35. H-Africa  African History
     36. H-Demog   Demographic history
     37. H-France  French History
     38. H-Japan   Japanese history & culture
     39. H-Local   State and local history
     40.  High tech teaching; multimedia; cd-rom
     41. H-NZ-OZ   New Zealand & Australian history
     42. H-War     Military History
     43. H-West    US West, Frontier

      To subscribe: send this 1-line email message to our Internet
           address LISTSERV@UICVM.UIC.EDU
                [or to for the MSU lists]
                SUBSCRIBE  H-xxxx Firstname Surname, Yourschool
       where H-xxxx = list name; for example,
                subscribe H-TEACH Jean Smith, South State U.
         [The Bitnet address is LISTSERV@uicvm]
      Subscriptions are controlled and limited to a professional
      clientele. The editors will send you a short questionnaire
      (name, address, teaching and research interests). They will
      sign you up when you return it. The messages will
      automatically arrive in your mailbox. For help, write

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