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EthioSciences Listserv

Newsgroups: soc.culture.african,soc.culture.african.american From: Message-ID: <> Organization: North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Date: Fri, 8 Apr 1994 00:47:28 GMT Subject: African Physical Society

Hello scientific netters,

This is to inform you the availability of a discussion forum devoted to scientific and educational issues in Africa and African Professionals in the scientific fields. Previously we have submitted a draft letter outlining the need for African Scientific Societies in the various scientific disciplines and in particular the formation of African Physical Society. We need to get together and discuss the various issues pertaining to the formation of such societies and in particular logistics, strategies and resource issues. In order to deal with these issues we invite you to subscribe to the EthioSciences network. We are already 20 strong in physics and other related fields and we are hoping others will follow.

The group encourages discussions of scientific nature (researches, inventions, and etc). This forum is intended to serve as a reach-out to the academic and professionals. Discussions are encouraged to be subject oriented-engineering, chemistry,biology,physics,economcis and e.t.c

To subscribe, send a mail to: And in the body of the mail type: join EthioSciences

For further information please send your inquiries to the following addresses

internet: :

Bitnet: Voice: (910) 334-7646 Fax: (910) 334-7283

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