Eritrean Network Listserv

Eritrean Network Listserv

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The Eritrea Network is a neutral, non-profit platform for discussing issues related to the development of Eritrea. As such, organizational usage and project work is encouraged.


The Eritrea Network consists of a number of services including the list "eritrea-info" with membership open to everyone interested in general information relating to Eritrea.

To Subscribe, send an e-mail message to: "" which contains in its body (NOT in the Subject line) the following command: subscribe eritrea-info fist_name last_name

For example: subscribe eritrea-info Wedi Ghebar

or, if you want to leave the list (Unsubscribe) at some point later, unsubscribe eritrea-info first_name last_name


To post a contribution to all of the members of a list, send your message to: ""

To enhance the value of this network and protect the common interest of list members, the following posting rules are recommended to guide members:

1. Postings must be consistent with the list's objectives. Otherwise, private communication should be used.

2. All members posting should introduce themselves briefly to the network the first time and identify themselves by name in subsequent postings.

3. Opinions expressed in postings are solely those of individual posters and do not reflect the opinions of the eritrea list members as a group.

4. English is the conventional language of the network. Other languages, Eritrean and others, can be used provided the subject line begins with the name of the language the article is written.

5. All postings must be non-profit, free from racist and sexist remarks, name-calling, abusive and obscene language, ethnic jokes, and defamatory statements. Considerations should be made that all mailings to Eritrea-L can be subject to audits by educational institutions.

6. Postings should address issues and not only critique or embarrass persons or groups.

7. Postings should provide factual representations in terms of sources, document references, quotes, dates and places to substantiate opinions instead of submitting hasty generalizations. A good practice is to explicitly state one's assumptions and interpretations and define ambiguous terms.

8. The benefit of the doubt should be granted when figuring out motivations behind postings. Diplomatic requests for clarification prior to expressing criticisms preempt misunderstandings, stop communication barriers from building up and provide respondents an opportunity to explain unequivocally their opinions.

If you have questions, suggestions, or problems, please contact list organizers at: ""

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