Eritrea Development & Information Network (EDIN)

Eritrea Development & Information Network (EDIN)

From: EDIN Newsgroups: soc.culture.african Subject: Eritrea Development and Information Network (EDIN) Date: 16 Jul 1994 22:13:44 GMT Organization: EDIN Message-ID: <309m2o$> Originator:

FYI: The following Eritrean mailing lists are available from EDIN.


- Eritrea-l, an open mailing list, is a forum for the exchange of information pertaining to Eritrea and its people.

- "Dehai" list is a general discussion forum whose membership is rest- ricted to Eritreans only-- non-Eritreans currently doing a project in or about Eritrea are also welcome.

- Eritrea-constitution list is a forum intended to promote participation in the drafting and procedural aspects of the Eritrean constitution.

- Eritrea-communication is a list dedicated to discussions about technology-- as it pertains to communication and to Eritrea.

To subscribe send a command message to:

The command should read as follows: subscribe [ListName]

where ListName refers to the name of one of the forums listed above.

For more info, contact the *originator* of this post.

-- Samuel (

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