From: () Subject: Re: How can I go to Egyptnet Date: 17 Jan 1994 23:16:40 GMT Organization: University of Washington

------------------------------------------------------------------------ /\Egypt-net | Copyright 1992 by Azer Bestavros -- All rights reserved. / \/\Server | Egypt-net was founded at Harvard in 1985. It is currently / \\ (C)| hosted by Hussein Badr at SUNY and maintained remotely by / \\ | Husam Kinawi at E-mail:

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Quick Guide

Service requests sent to Egypt-net Server should have the following format: o o o To: o o Subject: Egypt-net-request o o o o >>> (LastName, FirstName) o o o

The should be replaced with your exact Email address as it appears in Egypt-net's mailing list.

The can be any number of keywords, each requesting a different service. The following table lists the keywords currently being support and the type of service corresponding to each.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Keyword Request description

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Add Subscribe to Egypt-net Remove Unsubscribe from Egypt-net List Get a copy of Egypt-net mailing list Stats Get statistical information about Egypt-net Profiles Get the most up-to-date copy of Egypt-net members' profiles Charter Get a copy of Egypt-net Charter Manual Get a copy of Egypt-net server's manual Guide Get this Quick Guide Sunday Get a copy of last Sunday's Egypt-net Digest Monday Get a copy of last Monday's Egypt-net Digest Tuesday Get a copy of last Tuesday's Egypt-net Digest Wednesday Get a copy of last Wednesday's Egypt-net Digest Thursday Get a copy of last Thursday's Egypt-net Digest Friday Get a copy of last Friday's Egypt-net Digest Saturday Get a copy of last Saturday's Egypt-net Digest Week Get a weekly version of Egypt-net Digest


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