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Fellow Educator:
Your most valuable asset is your time. How best to invest your time often forces you to forego opportunities that, frankly, you may wish you had time to enjoy. If you have found yourself with very little time to explore the Internet and to learn of the opportunities opening up for educators there, then perhaps NOVAE>> GROUP>> is the listserv for you.

Created by educators, NOVAE>> GROUP>> is a listserv that provides timely news articles to classroom teachers who really don't have time to drive the Information Highway. Weekly postings from teachers and other educators just like yourself keep you abreast of the electronic world pulsing around us all. Here are some comments from users who have found NOVAE>> GROUP>> to be an important tool in their day to day operations:

"Educators are better judges of content and process issues than computer folks (myself included) and we really benefit from your mining of resources that we may not know of."

"I am responsible for the K-12 computer activities in the Southern York County School District and enjoy your lists of interesting "finds". Keep them coming."

"Thank you for sending the information that you have so far. It has been very helpful to me and my staff."

"Myself and several members of the faculty at Bloomsburg Middle School are always interested in telecommunication project, information, and news about the Internet. Your messages are extremely valuable and helpful along these lines. THANKS!!"

"Just wanted to say thanks for keeping me on your mailing list. I'll be the first to admit that most of what you send me gets sent into an electronic never never land (void), because there is often simply too much to read. But, because of the mailings you and the NOVAE>> GROUP>> are sending, I've gotten free equipment, money, and seccured for my students the opportunity to serve as a beta site for several educational programs and packages. All within the last year! Let them call it hoey! It works for me."

"It's a BIG world out there but (you are) helping to make it more accessible. Helps to know other teachers and kids have the same cares, concerns and frustrations. We have been in contact with others we could never have met without the link and have done collaborative projects with students thousands of miles away! Thanks you!"

"Since this is the first year for us, it has kept us informed about available resources on the internet. We were also able to make international connections from the materials which were sent."

"I was a bit surprised when I was at a distance learning conference in Harrisburg, PA this week. One of the conference handouts was a printout of a NOVAE mailing. The presenters encouraged the participants to subscribe."

"We have distributed the information to the whole teaching staff. Some are excellent opportunities and others as information. Thanks for surfing the net to find this stuff... we don't have the time."


NOVAE>> GROUP>> selects articles to fit the following subject groups as they become available:

Internet Information (includes lists, FAQs, and information on gophers, WWW, etc.)

Funding/Teacher Education Information (includes grants, workshops, televised conferences, etc.)

Elementary (K-5) and Middle (6-8) School Projects (all subjects as well as keypal information)

Secondary (9-12) School Projects (math, science, social studies, etc.)

If you are interested in requesting our service for yourself or for your school, send email to with the following message: subscribe novae full-email-address

Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 18:09:24 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: education list
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