The Discussion Group of Democracy and Development in Africa & the third World

Democracy and Development in Africa & the third World Discussion List

Creation of the research and discussion group of democracy and development in Africa and the third world in general.

We have the pleasure of announcing the creation of a research and discussion group on the problems concerning the development and democracy in Africa. This field of interest is relatively large and requires a large number of multidisciplinary studies. Notably the politics, rights, social sciences, communications, philosophy, etc. Here are a number of questions that can focus the interests of the research group.

How can the west hold on to the revindication of democracy (civil societies and African populations themselves) in Africa in the manner of establishing or reinforcing rights in the state? How to notably guarantee fair voting practices?

What new solutions can we propose for resolving the problem of the debt and inequality of economic exchange? How can a developing nation sell their primary resources at normal prices for exportation? In default, what can we do to limit the consequences of these inequitable practices?

How can we understand the contradictions between what is said by westerners(democracy, human rights, etc.)and what is done (tolerating dictatorships) in Africa?

The group will be addressing everyone who wants to exchange experiences, analyses and propositions. The people will need access to the internet and will need to have the ability to converse in French. We would like to have participants worldwide.

If you are interested please send your resume to:

Alphonse Cilumba (President of Quebec-Canada-Africa Axis) tel: (514) 525-7481 fax: (514) 387-4244

Quebec-Canada-Africa Axis is a research group that has an objective of establishing a link between the north and south and the sensiblity of the African population to become economically independant.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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