African Students' Association Network

African Students' Association Network

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------------------------------------------------------ Hi folks, I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of mail I received thus far on the above. I now attempt to answer what appears to be the recurring questions asked by some of our new subscribers.

The African Students Association [ASA] is an organization of students. The membership though, is not restricted to students and/or Africans. One of the main aims of this asssociation, is to promote positive images of Africa and its peoples. It is a non-profit, non-political association.

The original aim of setting up the mail list,, was to assist members in efficient information dissemination, and of course exchange of ideas, especially on how to go about the myriad of problems the africa continent faces.

Towards this end, the last major effort we undertook as a group, was the Somalia Appeal Fund. To give this drive the necessary legitimacy, it was done in collaboration with the Canadian Red Cross. Indeed, the effort was a big success.

With more people joining the ASA network, I expect a "re-definition" of of the functions we all want the network to perform. The new definition, presumably, should take the interest of all members at heart. At the moment, jokes of different shades are posted to the network. While I am the administrator, no one edits any of the postings.

One new role that readily comes to mind, following the requests I've received so far, would be locating our old friends. The success of asa-net in this role, would largely depend on the membership, and of course geographical spread of the members. It is therefore imperative that we let more people know about this list, and more importantly, join.

Please, feel free to pose any questions you would like answered. Have a very nice weekend.

Victor Aina

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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