AFRLIT--African Literature Forum

AFRLIT--African Literature Forum

ANNOUNCEMENT: African Literature Forum AFRLIT

The African Literature Forum AFRLIT has been created for the discussion of topics and issues in the field of literature created by writers of the African Continent. This moderated forum promotes study and critical exchanges of ideas among scholars, educators, students, and others with a strong interest in the literature of the African Continent. The forum seeks to encourage both scholarly pursuits and to deepen cultural and social knowledge and understanding through literature.

While this forum focuses primarily on the genre normally included within belles lettres (i.e., prose fiction, poetry, and drama), other topics that enhance understanding of those genre (e.g., film, myths, legends, folk tales, history, religion) may also be discussed if these topics bear directly and explicitly upon the study of literature.

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Date:   Tue, 9 May 1995 20:06:10 GMT
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