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**Rapid Rice Straw Composting**

Ordinary composting, which requires three months for complete decomposition, is too slow for farmers who plant two or three rice crops a year. The IBS rapid composting method speeds up the process.

**Editorial: A Star Among Staples**

**South American Savannas**

The seemingly endless pale-green plains of the South American savannas have traditionally been devoted to cattle ranching. Many farms span more than 200 hectares. Aside from a few grass species, the acid soils of the savanna regions inhibit most plant growth. Many parts of this vast terrain have become degraded from overgrazing and the ensuing soil erosion. Now, however, ranchers are cultivating and savanna soils are becoming productive thanks to new rice varieties.

**Salt in the Sahel**

Rice lands in the Sahel are once again being threatened. This time, however, it is not drought or pests but a more preventable problem, salinization.

**Defining Ecofeminism**

**WID Publications**

**Rice Weed Seeds**

New information tells us that farmersU practices specifically employed to reduce weed growth account for some weed problems.

**Book Review**

Catling, David. 1992. Rice in Deep Water.

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