International Development Technology, Humboldt State

International Development Technology, Humboldt State

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Do you have experience working in Nepal (or other third world country) and are interested in getting a master's degree in international development?

Humboldt State University (Arcata, CA near the redwoods) offers a master's degree in Environmental Systems with a concentration in International Development Technology (IDT). People with field experience in development, for example those who have worked in the Peace Corp or for NGO's, are urged to apply. Deadline for applying for Fall is March 15th! I teach in the IDT program. Contact me via my econet address to help expedite application process. I can get you application forms and other information quickly. Also you may call me, Dan Ihara, at home at (707) 442-1676. Best times are between 7 and 8 am, and evenings until 10 pm. the graduate secretary, Kathy Moon, can also help, her phone is (707) 826-3256, but contact me if at all possible.

We are looking for students with a great deal of resourcefulness and initiative. For example, current students have conducted relief work in Somalia, developed sister-city exchange with the Ukraine, and waste water improvements in Fiji. We have a particular need for a person with experience in Nepal interested in developing a solar oven project (we have contact with several people working in this area) but all people with international development experience who are interested in working toward a master's degree related to their previous work are urged to contact me for further information.

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