Economic Policy Management, McGill U.

Economic Policy Management, McGill U.

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The following is part of a larger project to establish economic management programs in Africa for practitioners. Initially the program will be offered in Canada.


McGill University, the African Capacity Building Foundation, and the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank

Announce a new program* in Economic Policy Management that offers a sound foundation in macroeconomics and microeconomics combined with training in management and language skills. The program is for experienced policy-advisors with superior promise and ability. Instead of focusing exclusively on economic theory, the program emphasizes practical applications in the diverse contexts facing developing and emerging market economies in the 1990s, as well as the management skills needed for effective policy formation and realization. To enhance their ability to function in international settings, participants receive intensive French language training, with emphasis on economic policy concepts.

*Subject to final approval by the donors and by the governing bodies of McGill University. Scheduled start: August 1994.

The program consists of 18-months coursework, seminars and integrative exercises, followed by a 6-month practical internship. Successful completion leads to a Masters Degree in Economic Policy Management from McGill University. The curriculum consists of six components:

o Language skills (French immersion and economic policy concepts, effective English communications, and English tutoring if needed);

o Quantitative & technical skills (mathematics, statistics, and computers);

o Economics core (review of economic principles, macroeconomics, microeconomics);

o Management core (strategic management & skills, accounting and financial management, marketing);

o Policy application and context seminars (globalization; agricultural economics; health economics & administration; society, technology and development; and issues in economic policy management); and

o The internship (which gives participants the opportunity to apply what they have learned in an organizational context other than their home country).

The program is offered jointly by the McGill Faculty of Management and the Department of Economics and administered by the Faculty of Management. The program will draw on top faculty resources from McGill plus professionals from the World Bank, other donors, and the business and government communities. It is part of a coordinated effort by international organizations to build economic management capacity in developing and emerging market economies.

Donor Support

The African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), the World Bank, and other donors will provide financial support (tuition, travel, and subsistence allowance) for up to 35 participants distributed as follows:

o 25 from anglophone Africa sponsored by ACBF and other donors;

o 8 from emerging market economies (eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, China) and developing countries (southern and southeastern Asia and Latin America)sponsored by the World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program; and

o 2-3 from developing and emerging market economies sponsored by other donors. In addition, up to 5 self-financing participants will be admitted.


The program welcomes applications from qualified women and men. Applicants for admission must meet the following criteria:

o Candidates must possess a Bachelor's degree or equivalent with superior academic achievement, normally an economics degree, or an MBA with strong economics content. Those possessing degrees with a strong mathematical content and significant economic policy experience may also apply.

o Candidates must attain a score of at least 550 on the TOEFL exam. They will also be required to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), although no minimum level is set on the verbal and quantitative aptitude scores.

o Preference will be given to candidates in the early stages of their career with a minimum three years of experience in a policy relevant position in a government, parastatal, or non-governmental organization. They must demonstrate a commitment to a career in economic policy management. At the same time, employers of successful candidates will be expected to provide evidence of the candidate's continued affiliation with the employer during the program.

o To demonstrate their willingness to undertake a graduate program that builds technical French language skills, candidates are expected to have taken or be taking at least one course in French. This requirement may be met by a course through Alliance Francaise.

Application Procedures Persons interested in the program should send a brief resume of their professional and academic experience in order to receive an application:

Jan Jorgensen, Coordinator Economic Policy Management Program Faculty of Management McGill University 1001 Sherbrooke Street West Montreal (Quebec) Canada H3A 1G5 Fax: +1 514 398-3876 Bitnet:

The completed application must then be returned by 30th April 1994.

Best wishes, Jan Jorgensen Phone: +1 (514) 398-4027 bur; 398-3876 fax

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