Burundi: IRIN Summary of Main Events, 9/4/96

Burundi: IRIN Summary of Main Events, 9/4/96


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IRIN Summary of Main Events in Burundi 4 September 1996

Sources for the information below include UN agencies, NGOs, other international organisations and media reports. IRIN issues these reports for the benefit of the humanitarian community, but accepts no responsibility as to the accuracy of the original sources.

# Serious fighting is reported between government forces and rebels in the area of Nyanbuye on the outskirts of Bujumbura. Government forces are reported to have deployed helicopters in the area which is near the RN 1 highway. A military spokesman also reported shooting in the air by rebels in the hills around Bujumbura. Overnight, more fighting had been reported near the capital, particularly in Tshiangano.

# Twenty-two FRODEBU parliamentarians resident in Tanzania issued a statement dated 3 September in which they expressed support for the armed opposition organized by the CNDD and FDD. Yesterday, three FRODEBU members of parliament resident in Kenya had issued a similar statement of support for the rebels.

# A US Air Force C-141 transport aircraft landed this morning in Bujumbura airport. It was believed to be carrying diplomatic cargo but no passengers and was expected to leave with 31 expatriate passengers of various nationalities. It took off at about 17:15 local time.

# At a press conference in Nairobi, former Tanzanian president Julius Nyerere restated the aims of the regional sanctions imposed on Burundi which were, he said, to open inclusive, unconditional negotiations, restore the Parliament and unban political parties.

# The World Food Programme today began issuing rations to 16,000 people affected by the recent fighting in Kayanza province. WFP supplied 6-7,000 people sheltering in Rukasho transit centre with a two-week ration of beans and maize. A further 1,500 displaced persons in Mivo commune should be supplied with food tomorrow. Another 9,000 in two other locations in Kayanza remain to be supplied. Fifty-eight children affected by the fighting are being assisted by IFRC and WFP in Ngozi town. Clashes are continuing in Kayanza province which straddles the strategic route to Rwanda.

# Three officials of the Burundi regime and members of Pierre Buyoya's family were turned away from Uganda last night and returned to Bujumbura. According to news reports, the officals had intended to deliver a message to the regional states and the family members were heading for Europe, but Uganda blocked their travel.

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