Request: Refugee Studies Programme Documentation Survey, 08/25/96

Request: Refugee Studies Programme Documentation Survey, 08/25/96

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Dear Colleagues,

Re. Making the RSP's library accessible electronically. See RSP
Documentation Centre Website at

In the field of forced migration, dissemination of information should be everyone's highest priority. The Refugee Studies Programme defines 'forced migration' to include all people who have been forcibly uprooted as a result of individual persecution, war, development or conservation projects, 'natural' disasters, and environmental degradation, whether or not they have crossed borders.

The RSP has been asked to submit a proposal to make its library accessible electronically. Because this field is so new, there are many unknowns. One of them is 'the market'. We are in a 'Catch 22' situation. Until we know how to price the 'produce' either on a subscription basis or per document, we cannot survey the market. Without having done such a survey, we cannot 'sell' to the Foundation that there is a market.

We would like to ask your assistance with two matters.

A. Interest in having access:

1. If you, as a member of this discussion group, are a researcher in a research institution, could you simply provide us the full name and address of your institution and, if not too much trouble, how many people in your institution are researching/teaching in this field?

2. If you, as a member of this discussion group, are part of a non- governmental agency and would have reason to want to have access to our library electronically, could you provide us the full name and address of your organisation?

Obviously, there is no commitment involved in simply providing names and addresses of institutions, but if you want to make comments about your need for access or your willingness/ability to pay for such a service, it could help us raise the funds to make it available. Earnings will be used to maintain the library.

B. Copyright permission

If we are successful in getting the grey literature in our library available electronically, then to provide this service we need to have copyright permissions on all documents. Although we know that almost everyone who gives materials to the library has done so because they want them to be disseminated, it is a long tedious process confirming this. It necessitates getting in touch with the thousands of authors whose work we hold. We would be very pleased if you would check the RSP Documentation Centre Website to see if you are the author of any unpublished material which you have donated.

If you are on the list, we would be very grateful if you could email the RSP's library staff at as soon as possible indicating if you do want your materials included. Speed is of essence as we hope to begin this project early in 1997. If you are not on the list and have documentation which you think would be valuable to others in this form, please do send them along with a note, 'to be included in RSP's library for dissemination electronically'.

Thanks very much for your help on this major project.

Sarah Rhodes (RSP Documentalist)

Corinne Owen
Assistant to the
Development Officer
Refugee Studies Programme
University Of Oxford
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Oxford, OX1 3LA
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