Headlines: Irin-English Saturday, 5/3/99

Headlines: Irin-English Saturday, 5/3/99

HEADLINES: irin-english Saturday, May 1 1999

The following is a list of items recently distributed on the irin-english service. You may pick them up on the Web at at . If you don't have Web access, just send us an e-mail listing the documents you need.

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IRIN Interview [pt 2]: Kenyan Foreign Minister Bonaya Godana ZIMBABWE: Mugabe faces fresh political challenges SOMALIA: News briefs SUDAN: Easing sanctions in US "self interest" - Khartoum ANGOLA: Cabinda mothers protest against conscription SOMALIA: Security concerns force aid agencies out of Merka LESOTHO: SADC security forces set to withdraw CENTRAL AND EASTERN AFRICA: IRIN Update 661 for 30 April ANGOLA: Food situation turns critical WEST AFRICA: IRIN Update 454 for 30 April

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