Headlines: Irin-English Tuesday, 4/13/99

Headlines: Irin-English Tuesday, 4/13/99

HEADLINES: irin-english Tuesday, April 13 1999

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SOMALIA: Humanitarian crisis deepening CENTRAL AND EASTERN AFRICA: IRIN Update 647 for 12 April SUDAN: Peace talks under threat NIGER: Presidential guard commander appointed acting president WEST AFRICA: IRIN Update 440 for 12 April NIGER: The new military leader SOUTHERN AFRICA: Stalemate reached in DRC conflict SOUTHERN AFRICA: First SADC-US trade forum opens this week MALAWI: High court removes injuction against electorial commission SUDAN: Government denies rebel gains in Blue Nile CENTRAL AND EASTERN AFRICA: IRIN Update 648 for 13 April SOMALIA: Ethiopia denies troop incursion allegations ZAMBIA: Lusaka denies Angolan allegations of support for UNITA ZIMBABWE: Threat of industrial mass action WEST AFRICA: IRIN Update 441 for 13 April CONGO: Displaced remain as repatriation agreement signed


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Editor: Dr. Ali B. Ali-Dinar, Ph.D

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