Congo-Brazzaville: Displaced People Trickling Home, 3/30/99

Congo-Brazzaville: Displaced People Trickling Home, 3/30/99

Congo-Brazzaville: Displaced people trickling home

NAIROBI, 30 March (IRIN) - Preparations are under way for the return of displaced civilians to the southern Congo town of Dolisie, Radio France Internationale (RFI) reported on Monday. Some of the nearly 100,000 people who fled Dolisie due to fighting between government forces and militia groups two months ago have already started returning to see what has become of their homes, it said.

The displaced people are staying at two camps in Dolisie and in surrounding villages, RFI added. An ICRC regional spokesperson told IRIN on Tuesday that the organisation had conducted an evaluation mission to Dolisie earlier this month and had distributed medicines and hygiene materials for the displaced.

Meanwhile, humanitarian sources told IRIN on Tuesday that electricity and water supplies had been partially restored in the Bacongo and Makelekele districts of southern Brazzaville, deserted of their estimated 200,000 inhabitants since fighting there in December 1998. Markets and other basic services in Bacongo and Makelekele remained closed, however.

Some 25,000 displaced people from southern Brazzaville were staying at 18 northern Brazzaville centres as of mid-March. They have not yet been officially authorised to move back permanently to Bacongo and Makelekele, although a few have resettled into their homes over the past four days or so, sources said.

The ICRC spokesperson said a worrying diarrhoea outbreak among the displaced populations in Brazzaville was now under control following distribution of safe water supplies. However, hygiene conditions in the displaced sites remained of concern, she added.

News agencies said clashes were continuing in the Pool region, to where an estimated 120,000 Brazzaville residents fled in December.


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