Irin-English Headlines, 3/23/99

Irin-English Headlines, 3/23/99

HEADLINES: Irin-English Tuesday, March 23 1999

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SUDAN: WFP warns of dangerously low stocks CONGO-BRAZZAVILLE: UN agencies to help displaced return home MALAWI: Floods cause havoc SUDAN: No hostages for ransom - SPLM CENTRAL AND EASTERN AFRICA: IRIN Update 634 for 22 March WEST AFRICA: IRIN Update 426 for 19 March ANGOLA: Humanitarian flights to Kuito still blocked ZAMBIA: More reporters charged ZAMBIA: More DRC refugees arrive SIERRA LEONE: Liberia, Burkina deny helping rebels WEST AFRICA: IMF support for Nigeria, Burkina WEST AFRICA: IRIN Update 427 for 22 March WEST AFRICA: IRIN Update 426 for 19 March UGANDA: Heavy rebel presence in Bundibugyo, but no siege UGANDA: Food distributions ongoing in conflict-torn Gulu CENTRAL AND EASTERN AFRICA: IRIN Update 635 for 23 March NAMIBIA: Nujoma urges exiles to return MALAWI: Floods displace thousands ANGOLA: Fighting flares outside Kuito WEST AFRICA: IRIN Update 428 for 23 March


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