<center>Great Lakes: New Documents Available from IRIN, 2/17/97

Great Lakes: New Documents Available from IRIN, 2/17/97

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Great Lakes: New documents available from IRIN as of 17 Feb 97 97.2.17

Dear IRIN subscriber -

As you may know, we archive all our updates, documents and reports and they are available on request (by phone, fax or e-mail). Our main list, to which you are subscribed, offers the IRIN updates and other key documents. Our optional secondary list, IRINWIRE, in addition, offers the full texts of reports, statements and communiques as they arrive. We also receive other documents that due to pressure on our resources, are not-redistributed, but simply processed and archived here.

Our automated document server, an experimental "self-service" library, is searchable through e-mail and allows you to retrieve documents directly. A brief example is included at the end of this message. If you want to try the system out, send an e-mail to with the message HELP. Also, many of these documents are available on DHA's ReliefWeb:

Miscellaneous documents (not distributed on IRINLIST or IRINWIRE since 5 December 1996, and not in chronological order):
Global: WFP Emergency Report No 7 1997 97.2.14
Zaire: Amnesty Intl EX018 97 ZAIRE Death Penalty 97.2.13
Great Lakes: ACT Dateline 13 - 13 Feb 97 97.2.13
Kenya: Kenya Drought DHA Sitrep No 1 97.2.11
Rwanda: ACT Update 5 Feb 97 97.2.5
Zaire: WCC statement on Eastern Zaire 97.2.6
Great Lakes: USAID Consolidated Great Lakes Report 11 97.2.4
Rwanda: Update No. 1 [1997] on ICRC activities in Rwanda 97.2.2
Global: WFP Emergency Report 5 97.1.31
Great Lakes: USAID Complex Emergency Sitrep 18, Jan 17 97 97.1.17
Great Lakes: USAID Consolidated report #10, January 18-24 97.1.24
Great Lakes: USAID-OFDA Complex Emergency Sitrep 19 97.1.24
Zaire: Zaire update (detentions) (IFEX) 27 Jan 97 97.1.27
Zaire: Amnesty Intl EX011 97 ZAIRE Death penalty 97.1.29
Zaire: Zaire alert (arrests) (IFEX) 28 Jan 97 97.1.28
Zaire: Zaire action alert (arrest) (IFEX) 29 Jan 97 97.1.29
Zaire: WFP Great Lakes Situation Report 42, 3 January 1997 97.1.3
Burundi: IFEX Burundi update 6 Jan 97 97.1.6
Global: WFP Emergency Report No 1 3 Jan 97 97.1.3
Great Lakes: ACT Dateline No 12 on Great Lakes 97.1.13
Global: WFP Emergency Report No 2 10 Jan 97 97.1.10
Tanzania-Burundi: USCR press release 97.1.15
Great Lakes: ACT Financial Report No 5 96.1.20
Global: WFP Emergency Report No 4 24 Jan 97 97.1.24
Global: WFP Emergency Report No 3 1997 97.1.17
Rwanda: Amnesty International FI002 97 RWANDA Death penalty 97.1.21
Great Lakes: Press Briefing by UN Humanitarian Coordinator 97.1.24
Zaire: Zaire action alert (journalist arrested) (IFEX) 97.1.22
Zaire: AI EX008 97 ZAIRE Death penalty 97.1.22
Zaire: Zaire action alert [IFEX] 97.1.21
Great Lakes: USAID Great Lakes Report 8, January, 4-10, 1997 97.1.13
Zaire: ICRC Update No. 97/1 on ICRC activities 97.1.8
Great Lakes: USAID Complex Emergency Sitrep 15, Dec 23 96 96.12.23
Zaire: Update No. 16 on ICRC activities 96.12.26
Great Lakes: USAID Consolidated Report #6, December 21-27 96.12.30
Tanzania: HRW: Government and UNHCR must respect law 96.12.17
Great Lakes: Refugees International Report 15 17 Dec 96 96.12.17
Great Lakes: ACT GLR Program Update No. 1, AFZR63 96.12.17
Zaire: AI EX171 96 ZAIRE Torture fears 96.11.19
Great Lakes: WFP Situation Report 36 12 Dec 96 96.12.12
Great Lakes: ACT Update No 10 12 Dec 96 96.12.12
Zaire: Amnesty Intl - Full report on N and S Kivu in Kivu 96.10.
Zaire: Refugees International Report 10 18 Nov 96 96.11.18
Burundi: AI EX186 96 BURUNDI Possible POC 96.12.5
Zaire: WFP Eastern Zaire Situation Report 33, 6 Dec 1996 96.12.6


If you wish to retrieve this document:

Zaire: American Red Cross International Alert 96.10.31

You would send a message as follows:

From: you@your.address
Re: anything
get Zaire: American Red Cross International Alert 96.10.31

You should receive automatically a list of documents that match this description, and the documents themselves in separate messages. Full instructions are available by sending a message to with a one word message: HELP.

Possible problems:

You may get more documents than you intended to retrieve, if the description contains many frequently used words; you may not get the document at all - if this happens, try simplifying the description; very long documents will get trucated - and you will need to request them from us directly; descriptions with the # or / character in them will give unpredictable results; "no results", "a word is too common" are other error messages you may encounter. Just drop us a line if you are having trouble, and we will send the documents by hand.

IRIN will be happy to receive feedback on this service, which is still in the pilot phase - and needs much refinement - but we hope it will eventually contribute to IRIN's range of services tailored to subscribers' needs.


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