DRC: List of Government Ministers as of 7 January 1998 98.1.7

DRC: List of Government Ministers as of 7 January 1998 98.1.7

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Democratic Republic of Congo: Government List 7 January 1998

President and Defence Minister Laurent-Desire Kabila announced a new cabinet on 4 January. The reshuffled team consists of two ministers of state, 21 ministers and six deputy ministers. The following is a complete list of the current cabinet.

Minister of State for Internal Affairs - Gaetan Kakudji

Minister of State for Economy and Petrol - Pierre-Victor Mpoyo

Finance and Budget Minister - Fernand Tala Ngai

Agriculture Minister - Mawampanga Mwana Nanga

Small and Medium-scale Industry Minister - Babi Mbayi

Information and Culture Minister - Raphael Ghenda

Civil Service Minister - Paul Kapita Shanbangi

Environment and Tourism Minister - Eddy Angulu

Commerce Minister - Paul Bandoma

Justice Minister - Mwenze Kongolo

Foreign Affairs Minister - Bizima Karaha

Health Minister - Jean-Baptiste Sondji

International Cooperation Minister - Celestin Lwangi

Transport Minister - Henri Movasakani

Portfolio Minister - Kambale Matutolo

Youth and Sports Minister - Vincent Mutomb Tshibal

National Education Minister - Kamara Rokahikara

Public Works, Territorial Administration, Urban Development Minister - Anatole Tshumbiaka Bishikwabo

Mines Minister - Frederic Kibassa Maliba

Posts and Telecommunications Minister - Kinkela Vi Kan'si

Labour and Social Security Minister - Thomas Kanza

Energy Minister - Pierre Lokombe Kitete

Planning Minister - Etienne Richard Mbaya

Deputy Interior Minister - Mulumba Katchi and Commander Faustin Munene

Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister - David Mbwankiem

Deputy Culture and Art Minister - Julienne Lumumba

Deputy Social Affairs Minister - Milulu Mamboleo

Deputy Portfolio Minister - Kanumutambi Biselele


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